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Winx Club (children anime series )

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Winx! (anime )

WInx (club) is an anime series  that my daughter  not only watches but also ‘promoted’ by some  way in her friends in the low  school!

Winx the   team(A team of 5 beautiful girls then added one and leter one more)> om top Musa(musica ) and Tecna(tecnologica ) (left to right) bottom : Bloom Stella Flora

Trix the enemy team:Stormy (making storms ) Darcy Icy(making ice cubes ) 

Right before continuing I have  a basic question  from you : did  this series is played in your country?????

This posting will be mostly some trivia facts and commentaries  about this series
As far as I know  this is an Italian anime written and directed by Iginio  Strafi collaborated with  RAI Due (the national TV program ) and then promoted internationally  via Nickelodeon  And has been also aired  by Boomerang  the  TV channel with the  classical anime series . It started in Italy on 2005 and there is also a large  network of related merchandise. They are noticing that this is a girl only action anime series of  5-12 years of age.

Update : I also see that  Rai Gulp (via satellite )plays 3 times a day this period  random episodes of the series !!

In Greece it has been  aired  via the recently  suspended TV channel Alter. All episodes are also sold via the Alter’s publishing house Modern Times (also bookstore), though  last  year it was as an enclosure in their affiliated  TV magazine Tivo . There was also a fan magazine printed by a non affiliated publisher , with comments questions an comics too. It  is possibly also suspended due to the crisis , as I found ‘bulk magazines’ in special package. IN these issues there are also some free merchandise. 

So far  4 seasons   have been  ‘produced’  and a 5 th and 6th  season have been announced  . IN Greece only the 3 seasons have been aired by Alter but seems 4 seasons is still known ! ‘Modern times’ publisher /bookstore  sells the first 3 seasons  though truncated . I will not put the plot of this series  as the  main wiki page  has it  in great detail Just a bit of very basic:
Main character is Bloom a 15 years girl  from earth (somewhere in USA !!! ) who by chance helped  a girl Stella from another planet (called as ‘magical dimension’ )  from a fight against some evil ‘people’  .  She then learned that she came from another planet from a reign destroyed  by evil witches and studies  the art of ‘mermaid-ing’ in Alfea , a  mermaids school, in order for her dreams  to come true and same case to restore her reign . This story  shows  the adventures of her group as mermaids (under the name WInx Club of 5 fairies then 6(on 3th season ) then 7 (on 4th season ) against their evil counterpart Trix (3  very strong ‘bad’ witches in magic) and other ‘masters of evil’ till their demise

About the design
I can rate it as a  “euro manga”  series .
There are very many similarities  to the  classical manga series , as for example the fast moves (woth the rays nearby ), the smiles (open mouths showing the  teeth ), the surprises . As per the design they are much less softer with  European  characteristics and very  beautiful faces (even for the evils !)a and sometimes even more simpler design
The supposed beasts are  designed very funy!

So, What is now for discussion? Just  a short  of or  history
A friend of me has given to me the  first ever copy of this series numbered 15 (last 9-12 episodes  before the end of the 3rd season) . Later  with the start of the series in the magazine , I took all the  DVDs until the magazine suspended  publishing .
My daughter as in the start has watched nearly every day most of the  episodes (3 seasons minus 3 off DVDs ) of this series and any times  says ‘Bloom magic  Winx’ . mermaids etc

The story is very absorbing  ie the plot is very good . All comic characters are  very nice (guys and girls )
Trix in the start of the series are shown as terrifying (the bad way ) But later you can  see they are quite funny and goofy
The possible minus  in these series are  the very rare  spells. The supposed ‘magics’ shown mostly as ‘bombs’  reminding a bit of Superman and Gormiti
For other reasons we stopped playing back this series> Ome of the reasons we have been told is the magics erncountered in this series

And a bit of background philosophy :
People are Using their mind power to control anything in the magical dimension
Bloom found her power (drake’s power )after believing  in her strength
Members of this ‘Winx club’ were destined to enhance their  community  and or their world via  wizard/magic  abilities 
Possibly the only girl manga on the world
Think also : most  children fairy tales join  some magic into their stories . Remind cinderela and snow white for example .

Update: I have seen that most episodes from movies of barbie also involve magic by some degree .Look for example the history of a mermaid #2 , a fashion fairy tale

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    zlgr wrote on Jul 8
    this story has been written in between the report for mebook . and now same time i prepare other text for a new radio
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    worlddx wrote on Jul 9
    thank you for the review of Winx. This show played on our national channel CTC, every day, by the way i was watched only one episode, but i dont liked it, i mostly prefer good mecha animes.
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    portstevos wrote on Jul 9
    Howdy Zach, I have to say that I have never seen this programme or even heard of it before now but that does not mean to say it is not screened here in Australia, perhaps it was only on the big city channels and not in the regional country areas like here in Port Macquarie! I am sure your daughter would love it. Of course, my daughter is now 28 years old and she has no children of her own so she would not have heard of it either! Thanks for sharing the details though