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Downloding videos -Orbit [update 22-11]

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Category:Computers & Electronics
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Manufacturer:  Orbit
Orbit is a web 2 (such as multiply ) downloader with very nice capabilities , p2p support (??? Did not find anything about peers ) with multithread capabilities and is freeware too. It can be found on

It has two nice capabilities:
-using as a common downloader. Entering the address it can download the files directly. The advanced options seem also important as they determine the program’s behavior with multi threads , the data it collected from the browser and the possible mirror sites. The maximum connection are 10 and I have set it to its default number of 8
-its nice plug-in grab++ . it is referred as a 'sniffer' and acts as address grabber that can grab flash, video and 'music'
This plug in is the strongest part of this program. Starting this plug in before looking at your favorite pages for videos , you have to play the video in order to find the correct address .
Once found , the main program takes to job to download the file(s)

IN the prefenreces box there is also the thread level adjustment per site. Although in most sites it works, I did not managed to adjust it for Multiply

Integrating with Firefox it shows its fullest strength even little better than IE : The program shows its logo on the mouse’s right click with 3 selections : grab file , multi file grabber and grab video
As multiple file grabber , it shows a dialog with all the files linked from the web page in reference and in advance marked/checked the files that are determined by the filters (MP3? PDF? )The advanced info dialog again shows the connection information
As video file grabber from Youtube , it parses a the linked web page , names by itself the flash video, then downloads the file

I have tested in many sites with these results with set for 8 threads :
Youtube : worked with 1 thread without resume option
Myspace : multithread with resume option
multiply! : 1 thread no resume
star online!!(malaysia) : ,multithread with resume

Rapidshare (yes it supports it, a process shown in their web page) :
1 thread , no resume for the free downloading
imeem : (a music and video site referred on orbit) : cannot be connected

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