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Splitter and my ears monitoring idea

Mar 11, '07 7:00 PM
for everyone

And a notice for my A/B measurements.

 In order to better measure / compare the different earphones/earbuds I have found a cabled splitter in the market , advertised as Ipod audio splitter and costs about € 4

 This splitter for me has a great advantage over the typical splitters found in electronics stores: Several headphone plugs are quite thick and do not allow other plugs to be inserted on the splitter . two of the splitters I have tested so far made short connections and finally offered monophonic audio in both ear[/head]phones .

In this photo yu can see on how I have made my parallel monitoring between the 929 and the Philips SHE 2610 ears .
The idea is very simple with immediate results:
1.A stereo audio is heard as a line between the two ears.
2.A monophonic audio is heard in the middle point of this line , is located in the nose
3. Any differences in a monophonic audio that moves this point towards the leftor the right ear can mean higher audio to the bud in reference..
3a.With this I can also define abot the point of ‘concurrence’. Setting the nose as 0 point I define the total left as -10 and the total right as +10

Now let me show you the case of the Philips ears [the white on the photo] and the 929 Degen [the black of the photo ] , putting
- the black R in my left ear
- the white R channel in my right ear
And then are the results The point of ‘concurrence’ found Audio : 2 Basses : -1 to -3 That mans to me Philips earbuds are little louder but lack some bass

Please let me know your opinions with this idea . I have used this idea not only for cross checking ear buds but also for crosschecking radios

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