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QUIZ for Malays : dangdut songs in your mind?

Jul 30, '10 10:19 AM
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Genre: Folk
Classical dangdut songs for Malays?
This is  a simple question  to you Malays . Speaking of danghdut  which are the songs that come first in your mind?

Being a fan of dangdut for 2000-2006 i put here my humble opinion :
  • yang tersayang , i know  three  versions Amelina (seems samba a bit ), Megi Z (very light) , and rathiri merathile the possibly  original tamil vesion.
  • hidup di bui (Dlloyd  AFAIK this was the very first dangdut song ? )
  • gubuk derita  (unknown singer i remind Amelina)
  • selamat malam Evie Tamala
  • boneka  dari india E Hadam
  • kopi dangdut (?  i read soemhere  is a latin song? )
  • gubuk bambu (my best : MegiZ )
  • surga dunia : notice the song is 100% of the original Indian .There is also a a Greek version tha can be found here

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