Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sage news reader

ReviewReviewDec 26, '11 8:10 PM
for everyone


This is one of the oldest plug-ins for Firefox I know for more than 5 years.
This plug-in offers very little for its big size
This is what it does:
-It adds a sidebar same as history or bookmark and a button at left of the address bar
-On the top of the sidebar there are the feeds and you can add very easily a new subscription or add a directory.
-After a subscription is added, the results are shown in the bottom part of the sidebar and also in the browser view as small boxes with minimal info . Once a feed is clicked the browser loads the corresponding web page Another  nice facility to add recommended news sites.
Here is a snapshot :

Verdict : 3/10A very simple  plug-in  replaces  quite well  of the ‘live  bookmarks’ of Firefox. Just for starters or people  with very low requirements

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