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Recommended programs and settings for ripping/transcoding

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for everyone
1. for conversion into MP3 : Bonk enc version 107 or 109 from their site .

  • Their Lame converter has the best audio quality surpassing any other program using this codec

  • Recommended settings :

  • For Hi Fi results on 128 with quality 2 (about double processing time from the standard quality setting but gives the best results) 160 or even 192 is not necessary snce it consumes 25% and 50% more space for extremely small audio difference suitable only to audiophiles
  • Transcoding for low quality audio such as radio : 24 bit quality 2

  • 2. For conversion /transcoding into ogg :
    Recommended setting is 64 kb

  • Bonk enc is very slow , ½ of the original time
  • Mediacoder is recommended and very fast.

  • 3. For transcoding into acc/mp4 for mobiles :
    Again media-coder using Nero or AAC plus codec Even 24 kb is OK and gives small files , about 100-150 kb for one minute

    4; For transcoding into windows media (wma ) :
    a) Music match jukebox v 6 (*****):
    b) Media coder , using Windows drivers Wma codec 9.1
    recommended for best audio quality (??) 64 kb /44 kHz
    For audio to space compromise setting : 48kbit /44 kHz

    5. For conversion from latest SONY ICF audio recorders for reporters :
    Switch : MP3 CBR 40 /hi quality This is the fastest way for transcoding into MP3 speeches with duration of 3-4 hours
    Bonk enc
    Be careful : Switch is a commercial software . After 30 days you have or to buy it or change your computer’s date
    The program delivered with the ICF models can best used best as file managers. The included converter gives very poor audio quality results

    6: Conversion from mobile phones (amr files) :
    Switch : MP3 CBR 16
    Media coder requires codecs to do the job . If someone is interested please let me know ,since the codec is very difficult to be found.

    Please be noticed that I am in this hobby from 1996 and till today still test various programs for the best results

    This is for the moment . Possibly more later

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