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Multiply's high jumps

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I do not know if some from you have tested so far , but not long time ago I have found a new site that shows very interesting information about a site's popularity takes results from many search sites and shows that in a very concise matter

As for example it collects the popularity rate from Alexa. When I first tried it Multiply was at 430 - January 2007 - and on 6-5-7 it jumped to 252!!

AS it can be shown in the Alexa's page

the change in months is abt 31%

This is the traffic picture :

Also what is making bigger impression is the user and traffic rank:
As per the above page 15.3 of it users come from Philippines [!!] with Indonesia and USA being at second and third rank and Spore and Msia in 3rd and 4th

In contrast the site compete shwa a people count [the number of people visiting the site ] with this address
shows a nearly steady number of 370 thousand people with a26 % difference in one year and just 1% difference in one month
Here is the picture

The page of quantcast at shows some more interesting info but is a little complicated to show here .Please visit it

Google shows only 6490 pages linking to and about 10500 pages via Yahoo

Technorati, the most important web 2 search engine, shows a 31,455,025 links number that translates roughly to the total pages of the site!!
Why I say it: MY web page gives 219 links and all come from my web page .

UPDATE : on 17.7 the rates are even higer. Alexa shows now 110 !!!

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