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AVATAR movie

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Genre: Action & Adventure

This is the last movie I have seen in the theater , and though I write articles very rarely for movies , this is one of the most extraordinary cases to write due to its special interest

At first some general background : WE have visited th theatre in a multiplex in our town last Saturday 9-1-10 after we have booked 2 sets for me any my wife Natasa . Having left our daughter in my mother, we finally took the seat , as the hall was full of people even in the most difficut to see positions , ie the first 3 rows! If I am correct the movie was nearly 3 weeeks in the play ….

Upon entrance we were given the special 3D polarized glasses to be returned after the end of the movie , rented for a Eu2 ($3 ) price for a 3 hrs duration, that was given together with the ticket . Not problem for it but surely quite much ….

Now back to the movie and the reason to write this a bit fluffy review :

Real 3D watching : as with older movies as King Kong ands several others I forget 3D watching gives an astonishing experience so that you can ‘feel ‘ the environment

Very high 3d graphics resolution: Nearly all the movie is based in very high res graphics . tha makes me feel that even down sampling into hi-def TV standard picture will lose too much of the original picture . Therefore a very low res as the usage of downloaded videos , is nearly destroying the movie . I am not 100% sure if the d/l movies contain the 2D or the 3D info , but even this way I could prefer watching the full picture
Anyway this lifelike environment together with the fast pace of the movie is mind blowing that affect or arrest alla senses visually aurally and emotionally
I think that this idea can help a bit the Hollywood from their ‘lost sales’ though the very recent results shown the contrary

A short comment of the 3e on landscapes
3D watching and very hires graphics together with the landscapes make ou feel you are into a very nice jungle far from different from the earth’s. in some scenes you can find the articles that come too close or too far to you to be “blurred” . I don’t know if my myopic eye could do this , but I think that it is a deliberate ‘error’ from the director

As for the story for me it has several interesting parts

1. Some similarities with
-matrix (the idea of avata, that goes with the original person sitting inside a cabin and letting his avatar though real ‘homoid’ for here ) and
-crouching tiger #1 (people flying though here with lizards )
-transformers for the mechanical monster used to fight against navi’s
Though many users if imdb found similarities with ‘dancing with the wolves” (to be nearly same story ) and more than 25 movies

2. I was impressed with all landscapes of the so called planet and the astounding colors of fauna and flora (biota ) .This technology made them feel as true !

And in order to pick better the best appropriate words I did a short check in the imdb.com comments page that by one way ‘opened my mind’ in order to understand some positive and negative together features of the movie. I made asevral tries inorder not to plagiarize them though at a bit it is really difficult ….

Interesting points /positive opinion
+ : the monitors used in the spaceship : the nice tear-off ‘glass’ monitors used by the users , the curved monitors and the 3-D images (remnd me a bit Starwars )
+/- the net connectivity , it seems as a wired telepathy
+ the nature rendering , though possibly few species as noticed by several in IMDB users
+ ecological message
+ rare cases of humans being more dangerous than aliens
+ A reversal of most common ‘Sci-Fi’ stories with dangerous aliens. In this story the aliens (though in their planet) were the peaceful and ‘bushmen’ in the human language , showing “humans ” (except 4 persons ) to be the dangerous ones.
It was a real rarity to find such a story ,

Negative points
-The script of the story however did not impressed me so far, comparing to the remain points of the movie. Story comes quite simple : a soldier in 2150 AD goes by himself into he space and and other planet I order to communicate with the indigenous people and warn them to leave their home for another place because humans could destroy the tree for material mining quite important to evolute the technology . But he shortly after using his avatar for communicating with them became a part of them .loved them and a ‘girl’ and battled against his race in order to retain the place for his now new home . This was possibly the story of ‘dancing with the wolves’

I can write so simple stories as this , but Cameron is supposed a very good movie writer (Terminator for example )

- ships and planes of 90s?
- bombs used ? instead of postmodern laser and other more extreme tech supposed to exist in that time
- unobtaininum ???? this is the name of the  so called material to look into the  big tree  the mnomads live
- the short time the movie has been written
- the quite lengthy duration together with the modest performance glasses that pain your eyes

Under consideration
* Nyetiri was quite intelligent to understand that Jake’s avatar was guided by Jake who was in the metal cabinet , near to where was a fight between Sully-san and the general and just before jake was to die she found him inside his cabinet . Does nt seem little out?

*Reminding Indians in an alien Amazon . surely an ecological message and possibly anti-American (and here is the controversy: an American paid by American companies for ca 250 m US$to accuse American policies is surely hypocritical )

*Vatican has just condemned the movie for beautifying shamanism or the adorement of nature

This movie is surely a milestone in the American filmography offering the highest GUI with 3D as I many times referred it above. As far as I read across my RSS American porn (!!!) industry is willing to use this tech though are still under strong consideration due to the possible cost of the 3d glasses (ard 110US$) and the need to offer Blue ray porn…
This surely can make Hollywood much happier in order to ‘resist’ against alleged internet ‘piracy threats ’ though in realtiy they had the highest ever profits (10% higher than 2008 , not to mention that the movie has surpassed U$1bi of incomes !!! )

Do you see az movie by logic or by heart ? IN case you feel the movie by heart , it is surely excellent (as with many James Bond movies for example ) but if you think rationally , it is sure you will be very, very critical .

I keep a nice expression found on IMDB , the first message on the eraders comments that says it all


A certain character says in the movie that Pandora (the planet where the story takes place) became his real world. My advice to you: let Pandora become YOUR real world for two and a half hours, let it make you completely forget about your life and problems, let it entertain you, move you, let it carry you away.

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