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Netvibes - an online rss reader

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Netvibes is one of the oldest widget sites I know founded in 2005,quite  before  Google started to use them  in their user personalized pages. I was their member from nearly their start (together  with Sage? )
According to the page :
Netvibes is a personalized dashboard publishing platform for the Web including digital life management, widget distribution services and brand observation rooms.
Netivibes  requires a free  subscription  to explore its facilities
Look  a bit for igoogle.com  or my.yahoo.com  to understand  on how  it looks . It is  quite similar but with slightly different layout Below is a screen shot of this page in the widgtes view:

There is a standard page with some standard widgets ,all adjustable but you can add your tabs  with more personalized  widgets including  some subscriptions . Add a  drag and drop facility  to have a further look !
Netvibes can identify the original RSS  XML file from a given web/blog  address
This is  the  widget view
IN each  RSS search widget you can immediately look the last 7 hits , and though this is adjustable with more views(heads , minimal info , thumbs picture …..) this is the optimal solution. With more than 7 hits there are not any results
Also , Netvibes offers reader view


The reader view replaces widgets  with  feed files   and tabs  with dirs
. It is still a  simple reader  that offers the news feeds  in reverse time, with ability  to bookmark (ie later watching ) and also share the news  to Facebook !
The browsing speed is blazingly  fast , more than  2 times from Brief. I found that Net vibes doanloads ther feeds  in batches of 10s then waits a bit utll loading the next 10batches
About RAM consuming : it consumes very little memory even if more than 400  feeds are shown 
IN order to clean the  feed from any news is a bit strange . it requires two clicks from the reader menu,but still the cleaned(read ) feeds are shown .If there  are more han 250 items shown , the  reader freezes a bit - about 10 -15 secs , then goes back to operation 
In sites with very heavy feeding as Engadget and Gizmodo I m unsure if they  recive all this matieral . Nearly everyday  i see no more than 150 news items
IN a more rich site it displays  the last 500  feeds  while other programs  can offer only the last 300 postings
For Greek language which has 4 font versions, several sites are not shown correctly
The last retrieved feed on netvibes  has a delay of ca 40 minutes fromt he time it posted. IN other cases up to 3 hours in contrast  to the other programs or plug ins  who are displaying  for at least
Verdict : 7/10 as it is still quite basic as news reader, with just a simple  selection  feature and posting to Facebook . But blazingly fast and very light

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