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Memory browser test

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for everyone
There is a new test for several browsers testing the same given page
The page tested is the following: (it has many graphics and has special interest to all of you )

The test is very simple:
  • I disarmed the browsers from any unnecessary taskbars and tabs
  • I have entered the page and waited until the page has completely downloaded
  • Opened the task manager and set it to process monitoring for noticing the memory usage

  • And here are the results for 8 browsers

                   test1           test2                  
    Firefox 2      99508           117000
    FF 3 portable  73144            65500
    Chrome         88344            94300
    OPera 3        10600             9900
    opera 9.21     91000            86500
    opera 9.6  54200 !! 56300   60200
    iexplorer 6                     39600
    ff wonder                       27012       

    From the above results please notice :
    Firefox Wonder is version tinkered for best speed conditions
    Goggle Chrome splits its memory in 3 blocks minimum and each tab adds a new memory block in the task manager with 11 MB for an empty page
    From the two tests here are the block memory usages

    30636+ 21388 + 36320
    30208+ 41940 + 22172

    Opera 3 though having the minor memory does not support most of the page’s style sheets. Most of the page’s menus are shown as a raw text
    Opera 9.6 is really the winner among the modern browsers with just the 2/3 of memory usage …

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