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Multiply's high jumps

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I do not know if some from you have tested so far , but not long time ago I have found a new site that shows very interesting information about a site's popularity takes results from many search sites and shows that in a very concise matter

As for example it collects the popularity rate from Alexa. When I first tried it Multiply was at 430 - January 2007 - and on 6-5-7 it jumped to 252!!

AS it can be shown in the Alexa's page

the change in months is abt 31%

This is the traffic picture :

Also what is making bigger impression is the user and traffic rank:
As per the above page 15.3 of it users come from Philippines [!!] with Indonesia and USA being at second and third rank and Spore and Msia in 3rd and 4th

In contrast the site compete shwa a people count [the number of people visiting the site ] with this address
shows a nearly steady number of 370 thousand people with a26 % difference in one year and just 1% difference in one month
Here is the picture

The page of quantcast at shows some more interesting info but is a little complicated to show here .Please visit it

Google shows only 6490 pages linking to and about 10500 pages via Yahoo

Technorati, the most important web 2 search engine, shows a 31,455,025 links number that translates roughly to the total pages of the site!!
Why I say it: MY web page gives 219 links and all come from my web page .

UPDATE : on 17.7 the rates are even higer. Alexa shows now 110 !!!

MP3 Surgeon :Program to split MP3 files

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Category:Computers & Electronics
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Manufacturer:  MP3 Surgeon

THis is my best program to split big Mp3 files into song files.

The program has been bought via their intermediate 'registernow', as just offers a test version capable up to 5MB which is OK for very low bit rates [ie up to 32kb for about 1 hour of audio ] and its last version is of 2004

Here i will describe you how i can split the file recorded from a cassette into my computer

First say that we are using the full version of this program . Once started and a tape side loaded into it, it shows this way :

Free Image Hosting at

In the main screen you see as like 5 thick PIs : These are the main songs graphically as they could be shown in a ‘volume tracer’ . In between them there are some very narrow ‘notches’ that show the blank audio parts.

At the bottom of the big graph there are two markers that can be slipped. Once a marker is slipped the smaller screen at the bottom right also 'slips' it. AT the above right there are zoom levels. The highest zoom over zooms to milliseconds..
Here is how the left marker is pointed on the start of the first song of the tape.

Free Image Hosting at

At the left up there is a button add , meaning 'adding a marker'. pressing on this the marker goes here

Image Hosted by

I then slip the marker towards the end of the song and see the how accurately is on the smaller 'nudge' screen. I then test for the blank by moving the nudge and test audio from the playback

Image Hosted by

Then I add a new maerker for determining the start of the new song checking to have very short blank audio before the song

Image Hosted by

And continue until all songs have start and end marker

I then choose to save the spilt MP3s
Image Hosted by

then follow the guidance of the program .

Image Hosted by

As you see the program will precede a part ## before the name of the file for easier view

Image Hosted by
And the above picture shows if we wish to add ID 3 tags . As it was a test recording , I put test for both

Image Hosted by

And now the above picture shows if we need normalization , automatic or a fixed volume. I prefer to use them in the default normalization. Ther is also the ability to fade in [on the start of the song ]and fade out [on the end of the song ] and for how much time

Image Hosted by

After that the process starts and for the 25 MB file it can do it in about 10 seconds

For the shake of simplicity I have saved everything on same directory . adjusting the file browser into extended listing with file sorting . as you may see all these resulted MP3 files have a prefix of part## . The odd files are small , containing only noise, while the even are relatively big from 3-5 MB and are our songs

This is all

BY this way I am very sure that nothing recorded from the cassette will be lost and the blank part will be removed correctly

Add: The program offers several other important features

- Mp3 joiner : it joins several parts into one file
- MP3 to wav converter
- batch mode : for mp3 files normalization including changing ID3 v1+2 tags and fade in /out effects
- mp3catalog : a file the lists all files on a directory, in a text , csv [comma separated excel type ]of html file , including or not the ID data

And once again I determine myself for using all these tracks in order to playlist my collection

For any more questions please write below

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dewacint4 wrote on May 19, '07
just info?
no file to download? :)
zlgr wrote on May 19, '07
Look on the site refered inthe first paragraph ;
i support the program maker
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i c

Downloading videos -Clipfinder

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for Zacharias 's network
Category:Computers & Electronics
Product Type: Other
Manufacturer:  Ashampoo Clipfinder
Clip finder is one program made by Ashampoo and is freeware . it can be downloaded
from their site and

this is the information shown in the folowing page
--- (the latest 1.19 version ):

After the picture and music files, now it`s time for the videos. Online portals like,, and have long since become cult, they collect many funny and creative short videos.
In the office and of course also in your everyday life in the meantime it is considered to be chic to call up the video portals for a short break and to start a couple of films to relax or for your own enjoyment.
The Ashampoo ClipFinder knows the most important portals and can, analogue to a search machine, simultaneously pass on a quickly made search inquiry to all video portals. A few seconds later, the Ashampoo ClipFinder collects all hits in its program window in order to make the user curious with preview pictures.
The Ashampoo ClipFinder shows diverse information which fits each film in the results, including the length, the name of the film and its assessment. A click of the mouse is enough and the Ashampoo ClipFinder plays a film. It is however not a problem to transmit it completely to the hard drive. Then it is always available - and not only with an existing internet connection.

Alternatively the link to a film can also be taken over in the favorite files and reactivated again from here at any time. The Ashampoo ClipFinder proves to be very future-proof with all of its activities. Through an update function, it is possible at any time to expand the program by further video portals.
In practice: I have tested last July (version 1.1)and it works this way:

Before using this program you need to register for free to Ashampoo's site since it is regularly updated.

The program shows 8 lines, each separate per video portal.
about 5 languages are supported ,also Greek ,but for here i will return it to English
Adding the keyword , it shows the first 5 hits, responding to each portal's settings . AS for example in Youtube the settings are per hits, per time , relevance , most viewed and most rated


On the right of its window there is a 'more' button . This can extend the listing to 20 per page that includes also the preview .AS you may see it shows the number in rank (top left ) , the time of the clip , and its rate


Downloading a file, it shows a new window with all files downloaded. The program before downloading shows the video's title asking you if you want to rename it . The downloading size is shown at the right column and more than 4 files can be downloaded at a time for sure.


I have used the program for much time with success , but the 1.11 seemed not to work now for Youtube.

Another interesting ability is its video bank , with the ability to play the videos. I donÔt use this facility as i use another program (Media player classic that is included in the K lite codec pack )

The company has made another program called Clip fisher that has also abilities to convert the files into windows media and some other formats , but is not free!

Downloding videos -Orbit [update 22-11]

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Category:Computers & Electronics
Product Type: Other
Manufacturer:  Orbit
Orbit is a web 2 (such as multiply ) downloader with very nice capabilities , p2p support (??? Did not find anything about peers ) with multithread capabilities and is freeware too. It can be found on

It has two nice capabilities:
-using as a common downloader. Entering the address it can download the files directly. The advanced options seem also important as they determine the program’s behavior with multi threads , the data it collected from the browser and the possible mirror sites. The maximum connection are 10 and I have set it to its default number of 8
-its nice plug-in grab++ . it is referred as a 'sniffer' and acts as address grabber that can grab flash, video and 'music'
This plug in is the strongest part of this program. Starting this plug in before looking at your favorite pages for videos , you have to play the video in order to find the correct address .
Once found , the main program takes to job to download the file(s)

IN the prefenreces box there is also the thread level adjustment per site. Although in most sites it works, I did not managed to adjust it for Multiply

Integrating with Firefox it shows its fullest strength even little better than IE : The program shows its logo on the mouse’s right click with 3 selections : grab file , multi file grabber and grab video
As multiple file grabber , it shows a dialog with all the files linked from the web page in reference and in advance marked/checked the files that are determined by the filters (MP3? PDF? )The advanced info dialog again shows the connection information
As video file grabber from Youtube , it parses a the linked web page , names by itself the flash video, then downloads the file

I have tested in many sites with these results with set for 8 threads :
Youtube : worked with 1 thread without resume option
Myspace : multithread with resume option
multiply! : 1 thread no resume
star online!!(malaysia) : ,multithread with resume

Rapidshare (yes it supports it, a process shown in their web page) :
1 thread , no resume for the free downloading
imeem : (a music and video site referred on orbit) : cannot be connected

ReviewReview Downlaading videos : hacking your own browser's cahe

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Category:Computers & Electronics
Product Type: Other
Manufacturer:  hacking your own browser's cahe
And another more sure way ...hacking your browser's cache

This was the way i used it before using orbit , the most secure and most simpler....
As i use Xp and both opera Mozilla these are the following ways:

C:\Documents and Settings\"user name'\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default

IN tihs there will be a alphanumeric string with slt extension ( $%$^%^.slt )
Going two levels under , on cache and changing the view to detailed list with backwards time sorting and with quick refresh you will find a size change in one or several files. This would be our file.

C:\Documents and Settings\"user name'\Application Data\Opera\Opera9\profile\cache4
for opera
Here there is an opportunity to know also the file type . Immediately you will find a file with flv extension.


It worked in all cases except .....

Wimpy - Flash player

ReviewReviewReviewReviewNov 25, '07 4:03 PM
for everyone
Wimpy is a nice and very small program (ca 2MB )of the second ‘flash video’ generation . The program is a standalone player – ie without any installation required – and can be downloaded from this site :
and is available in both Mac and Windows versions

AS you may see from the picture the player is very tiny with nearly nothing special except its drag and drop capabilities.
However comparing to the K-lite codec and its MP classic program as well VLC as most of the flash files are of variable bitrate . the program can still seek the file without being stuck or stopping playing

Next as with all previous wimpy can have more than 2 instances so that more than 2 files can be played instantly .

See here: (at the top right picture you see the singer playing a buzuki , it is a Greek music organ )

The nicest points for this program are the 2 following

1. It is very light. Looking into the memory /CPU usage on the task manager, it uses just 3-10 % of the CPU n the standard size with about 5 MB of RAM , stream dependent. The CPU usage is highly window dependent , that can surpass 25% in cases of 3x the original size

2. its window size is independent from the video file. Someone said that he did not like it, but in contrast I prefer this.

FLV player for flash videos

ReviewReviewReviewReviewNov 25, '07 4:08 PM
for everyone
Flash video player : FLV player

Another very interesting flash video program that canbe found in this site :

and can be doanloaded from:

This is another ‘standalone’ player that requires just a simple installation. Its installation is the fastest I ever seen making just the copy into the program files directory and associating the flv/wsf file types with it.

Its interface is very nice comparing to the very poor of Wimpy


The program seems good for dragging files into its window . However flash files with different file name , say files that downloaded incomplete from the internet via orbit or any other file manager , once dragged cannot be played
The window is dependent of the video file. Once a file is dragged FLV’s window is resized.

Looking into memory resources , I found that flv player has quite higher memory requirements than Wimpy. A closer look for a basic size goes to 20- 35 % of the CPU (depending on the screen size ) with a steady memory requirements of 16.5 with very slight changes even with window resizing. IN the same case wimpy shoes a level of 3-10 of CPU and ca 5 MB on RAM. ON same instances mplayer occupied 7-17% from CPU and 26 MB RAM