Friday, June 27, 2014

An absurd story....

 A close cousin of me the previous days told a  a rather  absurd story which I now remake into text and offer to you . Could this be a nightmare?


While being in my house , on the top of a building I seen  my beloved friend in the apartment ‘s verandah. I opened the  glass-door and welcome him wondering on how he came there.

Discussing with him , I suddenly saw  faint  images as like ghosts  of poultries on the other side of the road flying over  the  opposite building and was shocked

As the verandah of my apartment is  quite wide, I suddenly  seen a Greek newsstand to appear and  some people to expect to buy things from  it. Getting closer half of them were Greeks half of them like Asians but all of the same silhouette and face , as like coming from Matrix story and gradually increasing!

At least  none of them annoyed me

We get  then back to my room, . We discussed an bit under a nice soft music coming from a huge HIFi system  that covered nearly  the `1/4 th of the room !

He then suggested  again to go outside to take some air . The newsstand disappeared but next to the door  was a  selling machine with mostly condiments . Played a bit with it , a mini chocolate  has been dispensed on the ‘reception room’ with red fonts over black background

My friend asked me something and turned my face to him ,  staring  again into the chocolate I saw now the background color  changed into yellow and once gain into green … Uhhh
3 meters Next to the selling machine there was a big carton box  with two black wild  dogs which shocked both of us . Immediately we get into my room, closed shutters and doors (the audio system  still was there! ) and I  get into the  toilet .  

I was again shocked looking that the  toilet  was totally modified on a backwards  fashion with fingered  faucets instead of the 90s design . MY shock  was so strong that nearly did not looked at a  very nice girl  taking her bath in the  bathtub

And after this I just awoke up from the bed

Friday, June 20, 2014

Malaysian fables folk tales and legends

and this  is the last and oldest  book with trales and stories from malaysia . It is a reprint by silverfish books , n their serie of Malaysian classics (i think a  total of 4 books ), from these books:0
-Fables and tales from the easter forest  1901  Walter Skeat

-17 yeard among the Sea Dayaks in borneo  Ed Gomez  for both,  second published in JSBRAS
-2 Sea dayak  legends

Its zize is identcal to A5  size with 207  pages and consted me  ca 8 Euros (30 + 10 ship)

IN contrast to the oter books  this book  as a nearly outdated language due to its older used english , iein the early 20th century . this is the reason i found too many  rather unknown worlds as also some archaisms  and  is the fisrt i used my tablet as translator for faster usage!
Look into the picture on how many  unknown wirds to me existed !

Part 1

The first part  has  26 tales ony one of  them seems to appear in other books (the big hole that the deer and other animals fallen ) with most of them being  with animals

Here are the story  names without  any comments :
- Father Limestick (Tok sa Getah )  & flower pecker(sepah putri )
- Thw king of tigers is sick 
- The mouse deer shipwreck 
- Who killed the otters babies  (also found in another site also called a clock of guilt story ) This is also my most favorite  story of this part . As a 'clock of guilt'  shows in between  5 animals  the the guilt returns back to the oroiginal animal 

- A vegetarian dispute 
- The friendship odf the squirrel and the creeping  fish (also found in another site )
- The pelican;s punishment
 - The tiger gets his desserts 
- The tiger's mistake 
- The tune that makes the tiger drowsy 
- The tiger's fold 
- The tiger and the shadow 
- Wit wins the day 
- King crow and the water snail 
- Father 'follow my ope' and 4 priests 
- Elephant princess and prince
- The elephant has a be with tiger 
- Princess Saadong of the cages 
- The priest who was shot from  his own canon 
- The saints whose gravestones moved 
- Nakhoda  Ragan who was pricked by his wife's needle (just the title  reminds me the story of Saadong )
- Legend of Pattani
- Malayan deluge
- King Solomon and birds 
- Outwitting the kelempai 
- Fate of Silver Prince and princess 'Lemon grass'   (serai )

There is a very interesting appendix with descriptions or analysis of soem of the terms analyzed in each  story and in soem cases the  person narrating the story . I don't know which of the above are more  wide known but at least two seem  more known ...
As is shown more than the half of the storie are  animal based therefore are suitable  for children (possibly with some  minimal intervention of changing words as eat instead of devour )

I fond this part to be also  online in this page :
which is a  directory

Previous  time i tried to  copy paste  the pages fromthis site   but for unknon reasons pasting did not  woirk properly , causing a tablet format with only one letter and laterally

Part   2 Iban folks and legends

 AS already noticed , this part is  a  mix of onw book and  a reprint  of older times written by Ed Gomez
 - Animals gone fishing - and eaten by  the giant  / tales  (this is my favourite story from  this part )

- Story of cancil deer and pig

- Dinjai  and were tigers  sister      /legends 
- The story of Siu (the person who taught to plant paddy )

These two legends are very lengthy  covering about 65 pages of the book . The story of Siu is abt 35 pages
This were tiger is the parallel of the hu-manwolf of the American horror movies  
Nothing  of these two books  have been found online 

Verdict : This book has many stories , nearly half of them suitable for children and pesonally slightly difficult language  3.5 /5

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Myths and legends of Msia Spore

(pic from  net link )

This book as with other Malay legend books   have been  ordered  this year in the #3 batch  foa 30+22.5RM ie ca  11 Euro 

As far as i understood from the   writer's notices tey come from older stories as Sejarah Malaysia and possibly airings from radio . Notice  that  from Warna radio  station of Spore , from where is he , i have heard the  name of penglipur lara (storytellers )

This book  is even smaller than the Kadazan  tales book  referred  in the previous article. Thinner  paper with ca 120 pages and abt 10 picas Times font  and includes also drawings and photos

This  book   separates  the stories by region. Here is a  listing of all stories with a little  info

1. Sarawak 
Bird nest soup (something that  Chinese  adore to eat as it gives longevity  )   
Garai Harvest festival , 
An Iban legend of rice
Monsopiad,   the warrior
Si Pelawak (my top story  wit the comedian who fought a dragon without  even fighting him !!!) , 
The buffalo with the only one teeth ,
Huminodiums sacrifice  (also  noticed on the 366   tales )
and the story of kalimanjuk kanju with his wife (impressive on how a man flowed his wife in the underworld and came back , the title of the  story is 'truelove never dies' )

2.  3  rather R-rated  children minded   stories from Sabah 
The mystery stones ,
vengenance of gods , 
the slay of Kinoringan monster

3. Malaysian  (too many with  some comments of me ): 
- Princess of G Lendang , and Hang tuah   reaching her with the letter from  the shah . What i did nt understand after  watching also the movie ,is if Tuah  was really loving the princess or it  was just the movie's plot.
- Assasination of the sultan Mhd shah II . This story for me  is rather awkward. can someone be so stupid to kill a person who cut a flower? But  i think that the  result was  loyal 
- The dragon of Pahang's Lake Chini (love between  a princess and a  commoner )
- Spears of death  a story of two men and a woman who cant decide whom to marry !
- Melaca's magic well (rather a  real story involving Hang Li Poh )
- Miracle of the lost Crucifix (how  this crucifix lost and again found by the same person )
- Raja bersiong (the  'Dracula'  raja!!  this story is for me  the most entertaining  )
- Mahsuri  (as far  as i know  this is the corect name huh? this is he most afficting story from Msia )
- Big foot (ie rather mentioning to giants ) mostly facts than a  tale or  legend and whats also happening in the other  world

4. Singapore 
The naming of the lion city
MIracles saved Singapore from Invasions
Badang  ie the Malay Samson  or Hercules
Singapora Dilangar todak , with Hang  Nadim (though noticed  there as Si Awang Jambul )saving Spore from the swordfish (or garfish as noticed on the books ) as noticed on the end of the article
Radin mas  the woman killed the day she was married 
a tale : the ungrateful crocodile 
Kusu island 
Inseparable sisters
ghost islands 
The evil of wealth and greed 
and two famous keramat (sacred places)  with pictures 

From this book   there is the epxression  of Nenek Kebayan  having  two different meanings : the one is as honored person and the other  is as fairy princess . to add to this pzzle i found also other meanings : person between  lovers (in sunda ) and old witch . I now am very  puzzled with this term .... 

Discussing with a malaysian frind  he told me that posbly some of these stories are haavily biased  towards a more  'western' filtering that  possibly hides some  of the 'truth'
These are the stories , most of them quite interesting with nearly the half suitable  to my child. Except it , this book  is my favorite 

Friday, June 13, 2014


(photo : linked from other page )

Kadazan folklore is a   'small' (standard  size  book) of  ca 45 pages edited by Rita (hmm chrisitan name!) Lasimbang  and is  from the #3  batch of books  received this  tear   for a cost of 20+22.5 RM  ie 9.3 E , published under the Publications  of National history  of Borneo 

It s design is quite simple in a simple DTP design . The outer paper is glossy little plasticized and fonts inside the text are quite big for my eyes (letter is  Georgia sized 13-14  picas) as this  text but line spacing is higher . 

IN this book  only 10 stories are included (too few stories comparing to other tale books i have now )as follows: 

1- The origin of the world - the story  of 'adam' and 'eve' making the universe 
2- The owl and the moon  ; a young boy  looking for his mother
3- Tompipii'   a bird that prays  for rain ...
4- The one sided fish (or soopiha ) and the story  behind it
5- the nose  flute
6- the origin of  ...leechers  
7- bedbugs 
8 - caterpillar
9- why the mosquito  makes the droning sound 
10- pampang - the  rock that separated  the two sisters 

All these  stories include simple panintigs related in b/w .
I found Some  of these  stories quite frightening

Having in mind my daughter of only 5  years of age  I think that only 1 3 5 and 10 are suitable for her age , ie without magic or something  freighting . As for example   the story 4 refers to a ghost  the story 2 refers to a boy that become owl etc 

This is a book that someone can read in ca  1.5 hour

The four children (a based-on tale )

Daphne Lee's (book link ) Malaysian tales retold and remixed (my review ) with based-on stories or derivatives etc oir whatever you can say,  inspired me on writing a version of a classical children  tale.

Below here  is a try with just a plot of the story . Please feel   free to enjoy reading and  advise me  which  is the story you can identify as  'background' !


Not long ago a relatively old man had 4 children  aged of upper teens He suddenly was caused of a deadly disease . He was a high paid employee , so his children spent their time  mostly  with their friends and none was involved to any work . So shortly before he passed  away he  summoned them  telling that all have to start earning their money.

The youngest  of them , a girl ,started  working as a waitress in bars . As she was the laziest of all  and   relatively fat, she  was easily tired . This caused her many times  to change to various bars and taverns but  always doing the  same job as waitress .Simply as most of her employees  fired her.

The second youngest child (a boy ) worked as barman . In contrast to his sister  he never  changed posts . Upon agreement with his  boss ,he called his sister to work in his bar .They immediately started a fitness program. In a not very long time  the girl  was quite fit and worked  much better.

The second elder already had a hobby as arts- painter He   decided to  keep his  hobby now for a

In the meantime,  the older brother together with some friends  started a business As the idea  they used was  quite pioneering for this village the company  flourished quite soon.

IN all of a sudden the boos of the bar was enforced to  suspend operations of the  bar,  firing all the personnel . Among them the two youths which are now jobless.

Hearing this , the elder brother suggested  them join into the company. The younger youths started working as  sellers and very soon became partners . And the company flourished even higher!!


That's all .Here i tried  to give a plot of the story  rather than a full story , with the hope that this version would be more easy to understand.

Thee are many deliberate mistakes (as eg lacking some possibly necessary background )  and possibly some  exaggerations just for the simplicity of the text  .Notice that i am not a good  story teller ,and even , translating  this story into English  was even more difficult than i could think.Much more than the story of the hen !

Do you recognize the background story which is a very known children tale ???
(just to remind you some of them as Snowhite, Little red riding hood ,  the wolf and the seven kids ,the goose that lays the golden eggs , three little pigs, Puss in Boots,  Gosling   etc   for this I thank very much Goo translator for th  i think exact translation )

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Δικιμη μουσταρδας #3

Και μια ακομη δοοκιμη μουσταρδας
αυτη την φορα  με το σιναπι τριμμενο απο  την αρχη  στο μπλεντερ !

Φωτογραφια  οταν εκοψα το σιναπι στο μπλεντερ ¨

6/6  στις 2040 : στο γνωστο  βαζακι του φραπε   προσθετω 30 γραμ  σκονης  σιναπιου και 70! γραμμαρια ξυδι
Εδω φωτογραφια  απο το πρωτο  μειγμα¨

Επ[μενη μερα  στις 1730 προσθετω ακομη 15 γρ ξυδι  γαιτιαπο οτι ειδα  το ξθδι αποροφηθηκε ολο και το υλικο εγινε μια μαζα:

 8/6  1800  κεκιναω την  διαδικασια  παρασκεης μουσταρδας . Ολα τα υλικα με βαση τις αναλογιες της συνταγης  . Ξανα ομως  χρειατηκε να προσθεσω νερο  περιπου γυρω στα   30 γραμ γιτι η μαζα  ηταν που σφιχτη αι στο μπλεντερ το μειγμα δεν ανακατευονταν καλα

Και αυτο ηταν  το αποτελεσμα ¨

Και τοτε προσθεσα οσο πιο λιγοτερο νερο μπορουσα για να μαζεψω  την μο\υσταρδα απο τα τοιχωματα !

Σαν αποτελεσμα  εβγαλα 1 και κατι βαζακι ...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Μια ιδεα με κετσαπ πειραμα 1 2 και 3


Η μικρη μου κορη αγαπαει να τρεωει  κετσαπ . Προεκειμενου να βρφω καμια καλη ιδεα κολλξησα σερ αυτη την συνταγη:

και την οποια  δοκιμασα  μετα απο μερικες  μερες . (στη αρχη Μαιου )

ΟΙ νοτματες   ηταν  σχετικα σκληρες οποτε υπεθεσα οτι θα ηταν και οι πιο καταλληλες Ετσι  τισ εβγαλα την πετσα (με σσχτικη δυσκολια  τις εκοψα σε μικρα κομματια) και μετα τισ χτυπησα στο μπλεντερ με δοσεις προσθετοντας και λιγο νερο για να μπορεσουν  να τριφτουν διαφορετικα  δεν αλεζονταν

Ακολουθηα ακριβψς την συνταγη σε αναλογιες   για 850   γραμαμρτια ντοματες αφαιρωντας  τον βασιλικο και τιο πιπεριστο βρασιμο

Μετα  εκανα την ωραια  ιδεα με το ξυδι και το balsamico .  ενα μερος της δοσης  επεσε  στο ματι και βρωμισε ολη η κουζινα!!

Για κακη μου τυχη εκαν δυο βασικα λαθη ¨
1 - Πηρα σαν μετρο  μια κουπα 300 γραμαριων !
2 -εριξα  ολοτο ξυδι μεσα στην σαλτσα ... (μετην παραπανω αναλοιγια της κουπασ )

Σαν αποτελεσμα  η σαλτσα παρολο που ηντα πολυ νμοστιμη  ηταν επισης  παρα πολυ γλικια  και τροομερα  ξυνη !

Αναγκαστηκα να προσθεσω και αλλες  ντοματες  αλλα  καιπαλι τοαποτελεσμα   δεν ηταν ικανοποιητικο και δεν ειχα αλλες ντοματες  ακομη  μ προσθεσω (ηταν  περιπου 4 μεγαλες )

Κριμα .......

Πειραμα #2 

Μετα απο  3 4 μερες αφου ξαναπηρα νεες  ντοματες , ξαναεκαν την  συνταγη  με τα ιδια υλικα καιτην μιση αναλογια των υλικων της συνταγης ακολουθωντας τα ιδια υλικα  με την παραπανω συνταγη  εκτος απο την ζαχαρη  που δεν την προσθεσα
Αυτην την φορα  προσεξα να μην κανω λαθος  στην ποσοτητα της κουπας οπως και να ελεγχω  στην ποσοτητα του ξυδιου (ομως αφαιρεσα  το balsamico)!

Την σαλτσα  αφησα ενα βρασει μεχρι να φυγει το νερο της .Η ποοστητα του ξυδιου (με το ξυλο κανελας ) για την σαλτσα  ηταν περιπου 3 κουταλιες , και το υπολοιπο τον κρατησα σε ενα γιαλινο μπουκαλακι μεζι με το κανελοξυλο  το οπoιο  χρησιμοποιησα μετα για ξυδι σε σαλατες  !

Επισης  πορσθεσα  και λιγο κουρκουμα 

Η ποσοτητα που εμεινε  ειναι ατη της φωτογραφιας . Το μπουκαλι ειναι  του μισου λτρου.
Οσοι δοκιμασαν ενθουσιατηκαν  απο την γευση του !Η ριγανη  εδωσε  μια πολυ ωραια γευση

Και σε περιπου 2 βδομαδες η  σαλτσα  ....ξαφανιστηκε  !1


Χτες 4/6 μεσα σε περιπου μια ωρα   ξαναεκανα την σοκιμη αυτη την φορα  με  περιπου 1 κγ τνοματες οι οπιες ηαν πολυ σκληρες ακαταλληλες για σαλατα.αυτη την φορα  εβαλα μονο αλατι Ιμαλαιων πιπερι Szetzuan  (2 κουταλιες ) λιγο  κιμινο και λιγο κοκκινο πιπερι (απο περιπου 1 κουταλια ανκαι το πηρα μετην πισω ακρη του κουταλιου )   . Το εβρασα  στο ματι περιπου 1 ωρα σε χαμηλη φωτια  (στο 1) και σαν αποτελεσμα   μου φανηκε λιγο αραιαη . Αυτη την φορα  το βαζο  βγηκε  σχεδον γεματο οπω φαινρται στην φωτογραφια

Το ξυδι  το ειχα στο ψυγειο ανακατωμενο με την κανελα και εβαλα  περιπου  3 κουταλιες σουπας. Το οτι το ξυδι ηταν   κρυο δεν επηρεασε  καθολου στη γευση

Σαν αποτελεσμα τη γευση του ειναι  καπως διαφορετικη αλλα επισης πολυ νοστιμη , καθως αυτη τν φορα το πιπερι εδωσε την γευση

Κατασκευή μουστάρδας δοκιμή #2

Σε συνεχεια με το προηγουμενη δοκιμη μουσταρδας  , μετα απο λιγες μερες εανα νεα  κατασκευη μουσταρδας

Στις  1845  την παρασκευη εβαλα στο γιαλινο μπουκαλακι 35 γρ σιναπι με 45 γρ μηλοξυδο
Στις 2030  προσθεσα 10 γρ  νερο
Ξανα στις 0830 νερο αλλα 20 γρ

Στις  1545 την Κυριακη αλλα 5 γρ για να μαζεψω τουες κολλημενους σπορους και προσθεσα 25 γρ μελι  και αρχψισα το  τριψιμο στο blender
Επιδη  η πεθερα μου ειπε  οτι  τα blender  δεν πειρει να χρησιμοποιουνται πανω  απο μερικα  δευτερολεπτα , αρχισα να το χτυπαω για πανω απο 7 λεπτα με χρυπηματα τυπου burst
Παρατηρησα οτι blades  επιαναν την μουσταρδα αλλα οχι ολη , με αποτελεσμα να προσθεσσω σκομη λιγο νερο παραπανω περιπου 15 γρ με αποτελεσμα  η μουσταρδα  να γινει καπως ετσι ¨

Η αναλογια των υλικων ηταν η αντιστοιχη με την συνταγη

εινια εμφανες οτι δν ειχα προσθεσει  κουρκουμα

...και ετσι προσθεσα με το χερι τον κουρκουμα !Και τελικα εγινε  ετσι (ειναι η  αριστερη στην φωτογραφια )

απο πλευρας γευσης και αφης αυυτη την φορα ηταν πιο ελαφρια (λογω περισοτερου νερου )και ισως πιο νοστιμη  παρολο που η καψα  ηταν σχεδον ιδια

Παντως  ακομη και τωρα  αρχες Ιουνιου η καψα εχειαλλατωθει λιγο και φεινεται  καπως η γευση του αλευριου (χρησιμοποιησα ξανα αλλευρι  ταπιοκας ! )

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My wife was a hen!!! (a tale )

UPDATE : below  the text has some minor corrections or declarations.
Please  notice that very soon the story becomes a serial 
Here I  post for the first time a  tale of my own. 

I Am not a very good penglipur lara but  I will try here to post this story . Notice that though  I  have  thought many stories. This is the fist time  I post such a story .I hope that you enjoy it !This  story is based on some Malay tales and others…

------------------------------ Once upon a time there  was a young man  called George is a hard working boy as he  is very poor . He was alone as  his parents have died sometime ago . As most men are untidy   he was the same.

Around the house there is  a small garden for growing vegetables and a small coop with 7  hens so  he had also his dairy  eggs, sometimes also selling them.

He was  very sad that   he did not have so much time  to look  for a woman to help him .It was  more important earn his money to live . One day he thinking to find a way on how to get a woman.

The next day  he returned home he was amazed  that everything was  settled . There was a very smacking meal on the kitchen the house tidy and everything  in order.

Same  thing happened  next day

The third day he pretended  to walk outside . After  sometime , he returned home and looked at  a beautiful black-haired girl tidying up the house . The girl could nt leave the house

George asked her : who are you and how are you here?

Girl :I am Mary  and I want to mErry  you . Your wishes  have been  heard this is the reason I am here !

After much discussion with her, has allowed her to live in the house.

Next day he was well amazed  that a hen from the coop was missing while he was to fed them .

Mary : yes I am one of these hens !

One day Mary while settling a flower  she suddenly was cut from a thorn and a blood drop teared  into the soil of the  flower .   The flower grew more rapidly than usual !

George was very curious looking at it . Mary told him  that she is a divine spirit  that was embedded inside the hen.

Most of the animals  were too friendly to her and came close to her . She had to the power to communicate with them . And one day she caged a small bird into the house.

Another day while feeding her mates in he coop suddenly she again torn a blood from her finger into the grains . The next day the hen who ate it started bearing golden eggs!!! For  simplicity   she  had made the same with the small caged bird. She thought that  golden stool could be better help him  than a  golden egg!! Meanwhile the hen continued to deliver golden eggs.

So Mary was then George's wife . And soon George  became a  rich man and did courtesy to other poor people of the  village , changed his business and renovated his house. 

This made the man from the  nearby house (a  rich man )  being jealous with the  hen of golden eggs stolen her  . But was very nervous that stopped bearing golden eggs!!

Teddy's intentions  (the name of the neighbor ) were more nastier. Once for the prefect occasion  he grabbed her  and  isolated her  in a room in his house with the  door locked .

Mary and Betty  (the rich man's  wife)  were close friends . But  Teddy kept the key with him. Mary  found another more smart idea on how to leave the house. As there  was a gap in the bottom door she transformed into a speed lizard , passed  through the gap , bitten  the heel of Betty  with a low poison venom and left the house.

Betty  was then sick after this bite . Many doctors have been passed  without finding a treatment .

Next days after that, Mary offered  her a herbal drug and drink  as remedy . After sometime Betty  was healed.  So Teddy begged for apologies.

And here the story ends !

If you want  something more , the  hen still bear golden eggs and Mary was more than happy to offer  some eggs  to Teddy after everything settled. Mary was also famous in the village for her charity

As you will see this can be found as silly  , funny or quite missing . Don't forget this is just a tale , poor tale! I think also that the  language is quite  poor as the story

If you have any comments  (and you surely will have I am sure !)please  leave them here .

366 folk tales from Malaysia !! (pictorial )

THis is the  fisrt of the new batch of book on malaysia  this year .and this book is the reason for buying it  .

Here is some background  on how I decided to buy this book and also look after for more related. earlier this year desperate in adding  some stories (tales myths etc ) for my daughter i also googled  for Malaysian  tales across the intenet (say: googling ). But as googling just 'Malaysian  tales'  yielded only a few lemmas . And also the book 365 folk tales from Malaysia .AS i could not   find something more i decided to buy this book .  After  2 emails to Utusan the producer i have not received any reply from them . After  chatting with a malaysian frind in facebook he suggested me several online bookstores.

The book together  3 other books books has been  very properly received here  in 4 weeks after dispatching . Cost of the book is standard of RM 50 (as noticed on the  rear of the book )or 11 Eu  plus 4.5 Eu  shipping. I think that this price  is quite cheap  for such as book considering that  is 300 pages A4 size with coloured in tho most of the book with many illustrations !

Now back to the book as it has too much interest : 
-Its size  is A4  with ca 320 pages wiih plastic front & rear  page
There are  about 378 stotuies in the book , one for each day

The design is as  follows :
-A listing of the  stories  each month including the region , inside a  nice frame

- a bonus story  for every month - this is 2 pages with a nice illustration (the man eating  story ie batu belah is shown  here )

- One story  each day  . 3- 4 stories  in the two page format and depending on the size of the story

- glossary on the end of each month with some english terms explained

For me this book is very simple  though  I found some unowwn lemmas  to me Here is an example on how i did: (with the hope that this small excerpt  does not have any c'l'opyright violations as we call it in Greece clopi means steal )

In order to do the translation  work faster i used  my tablet as  translator instead of using two dictionaries (Malay and Greek ) . I have previously installed  both  these dictionaries in the google translator for offline use. AS yo see below   in the picture here is also a mirror .This mirror reflects  the solar rays back to the book so hat the   shadow caused by my hand is illuminated . a pen of 0.3 mm  is usd for writing above te  unknown words.

It was  the first book of reading immediately after   receiving the bundle . Meanwhile there are some others (that  will be reviewed later ) that made made me  temporarily  stop reading it but aftert checking them  i returned reading it under a different  aspect as  it will be shown late in this article  .

I made several interesting statistical data on this  book: 

1. There are  some stores that seem  nearly identical . I found  one or two with  2-3 vesions
2. Ther are  nearly direct or indirect  vesions of Grimm's Aesop's  and Hodja's tales. These are  the stries: mawar merah (the known versio of cinderela G ), the geesekeeper (G), the jugde (H), Fox & Hen (E), 7 goats (G), rapunzel - this is just a vesio of version  (G), Clever wife (G), Wind and sun (A thought  is story is rather fake ), Liar shepherd (A), golden axe (?), and & cricket

3. Some of the stories as for eg man eating stone seem  somehow different fro what i already knew from internet search
4.  There are many tales  with direct or indirect  magic. We dont like to tell stories top our daughter . For this reason in  my  second reading session  i tried first  to filter out these stories  by marking them out .

As in result  i have stamped  with short comments over the book which storie are :

1.passing  ie clear from  magic  a total of ca 230 stories
2. so so stories   abt 30
3 negative  or  magic stories abt 50
4 not to rate stories  , remain
also  theer was  another 'tagging' as :
1 . intelligent stories   abt 45
2. animal stories ca 55  with 2-3 not passing the  filter
3. funny stories only 10?? tis includes  pak pandir the 'well known'   stupiid  of malaysia !
notice : although Siti  as i  call  my daughter has watched  nearly magic series from her only 2 and also from the TV there is Nick and ben ten are also aired , we try to  get rid  of them (i removed Nick from the TV channel list )

In this  huge story list i have found the  well knonw stories of Santubong , Si Tangang , Putih & merah , batu belah
........but i have not fond these: Ulik Mayang , Raja bersiong (there is a  illustrated book version ), MAhsuri, GUnung ledang , Si pelawak [the man who fought  the dragon without fighting him! ], Mayang sari  ,Hang Nadim (the swordfish attack ), Hang Lipoh  as examples !!  (and many stories with the mouse-deer missing )

This book can be previewed here in google books : (many pages deliberately missing)
I  like this idea Malaysians  do . You can test the book  before you buy . I found also many other Malaysian books this way

MY verdict : Although the book  is nearly perfect as a huge repository of Malaysian stories it lacks of some important  legends or tales . MY daughter  has a  special  interest  in this book as  it is designed  with nice colors . i use it in parallel  with ancient greek  stories .

Feel  writing  your comments here !