Thursday, June 5, 2014

My wife was a hen!!! (a tale )

UPDATE : below  the text has some minor corrections or declarations.
Please  notice that very soon the story becomes a serial 
Here I  post for the first time a  tale of my own. 

I Am not a very good penglipur lara but  I will try here to post this story . Notice that though  I  have  thought many stories. This is the fist time  I post such a story .I hope that you enjoy it !This  story is based on some Malay tales and others…

------------------------------ Once upon a time there  was a young man  called George is a hard working boy as he  is very poor . He was alone as  his parents have died sometime ago . As most men are untidy   he was the same.

Around the house there is  a small garden for growing vegetables and a small coop with 7  hens so  he had also his dairy  eggs, sometimes also selling them.

He was  very sad that   he did not have so much time  to look  for a woman to help him .It was  more important earn his money to live . One day he thinking to find a way on how to get a woman.

The next day  he returned home he was amazed  that everything was  settled . There was a very smacking meal on the kitchen the house tidy and everything  in order.

Same  thing happened  next day

The third day he pretended  to walk outside . After  sometime , he returned home and looked at  a beautiful black-haired girl tidying up the house . The girl could nt leave the house

George asked her : who are you and how are you here?

Girl :I am Mary  and I want to mErry  you . Your wishes  have been  heard this is the reason I am here !

After much discussion with her, has allowed her to live in the house.

Next day he was well amazed  that a hen from the coop was missing while he was to fed them .

Mary : yes I am one of these hens !

One day Mary while settling a flower  she suddenly was cut from a thorn and a blood drop teared  into the soil of the  flower .   The flower grew more rapidly than usual !

George was very curious looking at it . Mary told him  that she is a divine spirit  that was embedded inside the hen.

Most of the animals  were too friendly to her and came close to her . She had to the power to communicate with them . And one day she caged a small bird into the house.

Another day while feeding her mates in he coop suddenly she again torn a blood from her finger into the grains . The next day the hen who ate it started bearing golden eggs!!! For  simplicity   she  had made the same with the small caged bird. She thought that  golden stool could be better help him  than a  golden egg!! Meanwhile the hen continued to deliver golden eggs.

So Mary was then George's wife . And soon George  became a  rich man and did courtesy to other poor people of the  village , changed his business and renovated his house. 

This made the man from the  nearby house (a  rich man )  being jealous with the  hen of golden eggs stolen her  . But was very nervous that stopped bearing golden eggs!!

Teddy's intentions  (the name of the neighbor ) were more nastier. Once for the prefect occasion  he grabbed her  and  isolated her  in a room in his house with the  door locked .

Mary and Betty  (the rich man's  wife)  were close friends . But  Teddy kept the key with him. Mary  found another more smart idea on how to leave the house. As there  was a gap in the bottom door she transformed into a speed lizard , passed  through the gap , bitten  the heel of Betty  with a low poison venom and left the house.

Betty  was then sick after this bite . Many doctors have been passed  without finding a treatment .

Next days after that, Mary offered  her a herbal drug and drink  as remedy . After sometime Betty  was healed.  So Teddy begged for apologies.

And here the story ends !

If you want  something more , the  hen still bear golden eggs and Mary was more than happy to offer  some eggs  to Teddy after everything settled. Mary was also famous in the village for her charity

As you will see this can be found as silly  , funny or quite missing . Don't forget this is just a tale , poor tale! I think also that the  language is quite  poor as the story

If you have any comments  (and you surely will have I am sure !)please  leave them here .


  1. I1ve read the story hen and foun it very nice.

  2. testing comments

  3. I think this tale is based on animism, and so this might create a problem to someone who does not believe in animism. I am one of these people. I do not hate or despise animals, but I do not think treating animals well necessarily makes a man wealthy. Maybe happy and caring, but not necessarily wealthy.