Friday, June 13, 2014

The four children (a based-on tale )

Daphne Lee's (book link ) Malaysian tales retold and remixed (my review ) with based-on stories or derivatives etc oir whatever you can say,  inspired me on writing a version of a classical children  tale.

Below here  is a try with just a plot of the story . Please feel   free to enjoy reading and  advise me  which  is the story you can identify as  'background' !


Not long ago a relatively old man had 4 children  aged of upper teens He suddenly was caused of a deadly disease . He was a high paid employee , so his children spent their time  mostly  with their friends and none was involved to any work . So shortly before he passed  away he  summoned them  telling that all have to start earning their money.

The youngest  of them , a girl ,started  working as a waitress in bars . As she was the laziest of all  and   relatively fat, she  was easily tired . This caused her many times  to change to various bars and taverns but  always doing the  same job as waitress .Simply as most of her employees  fired her.

The second youngest child (a boy ) worked as barman . In contrast to his sister  he never  changed posts . Upon agreement with his  boss ,he called his sister to work in his bar .They immediately started a fitness program. In a not very long time  the girl  was quite fit and worked  much better.

The second elder already had a hobby as arts- painter He   decided to  keep his  hobby now for a

In the meantime,  the older brother together with some friends  started a business As the idea  they used was  quite pioneering for this village the company  flourished quite soon.

IN all of a sudden the boos of the bar was enforced to  suspend operations of the  bar,  firing all the personnel . Among them the two youths which are now jobless.

Hearing this , the elder brother suggested  them join into the company. The younger youths started working as  sellers and very soon became partners . And the company flourished even higher!!


That's all .Here i tried  to give a plot of the story  rather than a full story , with the hope that this version would be more easy to understand.

Thee are many deliberate mistakes (as eg lacking some possibly necessary background )  and possibly some  exaggerations just for the simplicity of the text  .Notice that i am not a good  story teller ,and even , translating  this story into English  was even more difficult than i could think.Much more than the story of the hen !

Do you recognize the background story which is a very known children tale ???
(just to remind you some of them as Snowhite, Little red riding hood ,  the wolf and the seven kids ,the goose that lays the golden eggs , three little pigs, Puss in Boots,  Gosling   etc   for this I thank very much Goo translator for th  i think exact translation )


  1. Good story. But lack in style of presentation

  2. Hello , yes i did . But i think it needs more info. To make it like a ferry tail

  3. this was my fist tires to write a story .