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Kadazan folklore is a   'small' (standard  size  book) of  ca 45 pages edited by Rita (hmm chrisitan name!) Lasimbang  and is  from the #3  batch of books  received this  tear   for a cost of 20+22.5 RM  ie 9.3 E , published under the Publications  of National history  of Borneo 

It s design is quite simple in a simple DTP design . The outer paper is glossy little plasticized and fonts inside the text are quite big for my eyes (letter is  Georgia sized 13-14  picas) as this  text but line spacing is higher . 

IN this book  only 10 stories are included (too few stories comparing to other tale books i have now )as follows: 

1- The origin of the world - the story  of 'adam' and 'eve' making the universe 
2- The owl and the moon  ; a young boy  looking for his mother
3- Tompipii'   a bird that prays  for rain ...
4- The one sided fish (or soopiha ) and the story  behind it
5- the nose  flute
6- the origin of  ...leechers  
7- bedbugs 
8 - caterpillar
9- why the mosquito  makes the droning sound 
10- pampang - the  rock that separated  the two sisters 

All these  stories include simple panintigs related in b/w .
I found Some  of these  stories quite frightening

Having in mind my daughter of only 5  years of age  I think that only 1 3 5 and 10 are suitable for her age , ie without magic or something  freighting . As for example   the story 4 refers to a ghost  the story 2 refers to a boy that become owl etc 

This is a book that someone can read in ca  1.5 hour

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