Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Baraem and commentary on .... (read inside !)


Baraem is a children TV channel more particularly for preschool children with Arabic headquarters . IN a short check today I found that this channel is indeed part of al Jazeera and is aired via the 13E Hotbird satellite

We used this TVchannel in order to get rid from the possibly ‘destructive’ influence of Winx (if any ) that could be caused with the ‘magics and spells’ and now this is our daughter’s favorite  TV channel (many times she asks for Baraem ) with slightly less interest in Star the nationwide TV channel and she watches it mostly on local afternoons 8 pm ie before she goes to night sleep .

This is not exactly the reason to write this article but rather  for the reason you will see at near he end of it So please be patient !

IN this channel you will not watch Sponge Bob or Dora the explorer (though the latter is quite affiliated ) but are many other series possibly more interesting than them . . Since I do nt know Arabic (I am only intending to learn the numbers ! ) I will try to describe them here:

A locally produced puppet show

Cila tula : this is only with exact title as it is Arabic . This is a TV show with a female show woman , two puppets style Muppet show , many children and their mothers that play upon the guidance from the show woman

Reihanna and zhuzhu : here I have a picture of them as above .I don’t know if it is Arabic or American , but shows these two puppets living in a forest together with a ‘bus’ and some other puppets including another that seems like an alien

Emergeny cars : a medium class CGI produced cartoon (quasi 3D). these cars also transform into robots (exactly as happened with the movie transformers !)

Fire fighters : with the same CGI graphics as the previous .suppose from same coampny , which is American , and nearly the same way of stories

A series with a young girl and a mini dragon . An interactive story as Dora the explorer . She opens gate doors , takes the key from this door etc Also CGI produced Look the pic above !

The unfortunate monkey : this is the most sophisticated in graphic terms (CGI ) showing a monkey in a jungle who strives to live but always is unfortunate

………………and many other series . the above are the currently airing via Baraem

Now the reason to write this article . I thought that Max adventures were one of the most sophisticated anime series in CGI tech . This made me reconsider it thinking thtat the monkey is also on the same level


I looked on Al Jazeera Children and Rai Gulp with more series  having the same very high class graphics !

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