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This book is one of my oldest cooking  recipes  book which I bought on  90s in UK  when  I  visited  London for 5 th  time! I was  the filler  person for a group of 3  to visit London and Paris , and I think that I bought it from Dillons  book mega-store in Charing Cross (I dunno does this store still  exist? I didn’t find any web page from them in the web  )

This book  could be better  called as leaflet of 60 pages  with the same size  with the previous books ,but the most important  difference is the color and the  illustration . as the  publisher is Murdoch , it has the  design of a newspaper  with 3 columns  , with  4 photos  for the step by step and a  full-page picture   in the right pane  with the finished  recipe. And a small  colored box shows  the  ingredients .

The  second page shows many things:  a conversion between  Australian and British systems , a mini glossary , a  recipe  simplicity mark with peppers and oven temperatures . But this is not unique to this book as all these books of this series (I have also Lebanese  cooking  guide ) use this reference in this page.

The 4th and 5 th page sow all the necessary  ingredients with some minimal info together  with  suggested  replacements

Each  two pages show a recipe  as noticed above . Chapters are separated by the types of meals . Below are  the chapters  with sample recipes:

Soups /satay /accompaniments : example recipes are beef and veggie soup , satays with peanut sauce , fried banana , sambal oelek , cucumber relish (made with vinegar , sugar , salt and mint , as far as  heard  this  is barely  Indonesian as the older days  there  was also a Greek version! )

Rice and veggies : coconut rice , nasi goreng (fried rice ), pineapple curry
Meat and poultry : meat balls with tomato vermicelli , beef rendang , padang chicken
Seafood: king prawns with peanuts, baked fish (wrapped in alu  foil with spices )fish cutlets in curry sauce
Desserts : mango crepes , steamed bananas with cinnamon and coconut sauce

What is  the most important  is that all dishes (including the others here omitted ) are very easy  to be made . The step by step picture procedure helps very much  in  simplifying the whole process .

As  this book is quite old , I have made all these above  recipes with success . MY most favorite  from all is the beef rendang , he fish wrapped in alu-foil , he cucumer relish and the peanut sauce covered satays !

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