Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Malaysian favorites

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 Malaysian  favorites

This year ;looking for  something  easy for Malaysian  cooking  I was  quite much looking not only on the net but also on Amazon  for a small  but quite  easy book on Malay cooking . This book as advertized there was with the promise for easy and fast Malay cooking

And really  this  book after received together  with a bunch of other cooking books in the June 12 order , can be deemed this way . as with most recipe books is a small less than A5 sized  books and fully colored with about 35 recipes , each of them shown in the one page and on the other with  the recipe

Here are part of these  recipes :

Hot and sour soup (hhm  yummy and my top Chinese dish made with nearly everything ) prawn laksa , curried lamb pastries , laksa  lemak , spicy fish  in banana leaves , rending , curry capitan (!!??), squid curry , beef stir fry with ginger (look at the photo , is the middle book receipe ), swordfish curry , mutton and potato cury , cucumber and pineapple sambal , roti canai (pita bread ), mee goreng

From these above  I have  tested the recipe on the photo  twice with slightly different techniques with slightly different results

This book is general has some peculiarities :
Instead of oil is uses ghee (Indian butter )
This recipe uses soda (something uncommon as  far I know )
There are some other recipes with nonstandard ingredients for example silverbeet or okra , so I don’t believe  that all of these   are really Malay or just thoughts of the author

IN general  several  of these  recipes are quite easy  to do with medium level of ingredients (appx 7-10  )

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