Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Indonesian English Echols Dictionary

Echols Dictionary
Indonesian English

Echols Indonesian  English dictionary  is possibly one of the best Indonesian  dictionaries > I had the second edition (a small  book of ca A6 size )  but on ca 2000 found the  third  edition which is much bigger than the previous . qnd here I make some comparisons

The  second edition as above noticed uses  the old writing with dj and tj for j and c respectively Since I have gifted  the book 4 years ago to the library , I do not remember  its edition with less than 200  pages in total > I have found that there is a  fourth edition
IN contrast the 3rd  edition is much fuller also hardbound as the 2nd with more than 600 pages of entries . You can find also all the  English relative words , many jawa and sunda 

Except this , it is a typical dictionary . No info on the language or grammar .suitable for someone who knows a bit of the language as me. 

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