Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Melaca and Penang

Lonely planet

Kuala Lumpur Melaca and Penang

This was a  book I was  expecting  for some time  for helping a  feind of me and student , who was to visit Kuala Lumpur  for a summit together wit h some travel reasons in order to learn something from the city . 
However the book  was tht time under  print . I did a pre order in one of the main bookstores in my city , and was arrived  ca 2 months after ! Anyway the book has  not been used so much until  writing this review (though still partially ….)
This book has the  typical PL design format though  this new version has several  design modifications
As for example  the cover paper is matte instead of plasticized
For example on the  second and third sheet show a map of the region (W Malaysia ) and there are  small typo clouds  showing the picks  of the point
There are (as with other books)  pictures of the top picks of the region . Some very ncie pictures show the Petronas towers , the KL Chinatown . The Batu caves , the nyonya food, the Merdeka square and many more .
Then is a chapter with some general info
Events  by month
Itineraries – shopping info –travel wit children

Then the description   is the same as with previous book(s)
On start the when  , why , food blogs, night markets , net  resources
History  - sights – tours - festivals – sleeping – eating  (with price level tag ie $ $$ $$$ )- transport-

A chapter with history  together  with a timeline on bottom page A special  box referred to orang asli and separate for bumiputras
Malay cuisine
Culture with similar info as in previous book
Environment chapter  with a box  referred on tigers on Penang
Specia chapters  for dictionary tranport health languages

This book in total is very interesting for you  to prepare your travel and

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