Friday, October 12, 2012

Colins gem M-E E-M dictionary (Eng Malay )


This is my first ever Malay dictionary  bought from Collins in UK directly on early 90s  via lewtter As as fan of books  i know the company and  these dictionaries  from miid80s  as for that time i have bought the Greek version which is very handy and very practical due to its  small size  7 x 10 cm

There is also a very funny case that i took with me on our trip to Bali on Sep 2000  Our host fir touring Bali was quite surprised looking at this ! (not even that i knew his main language  )

Now bavk to the dictionary . In contrast  to the greek version , this book uses bot only the ejaan baru (new speling )but shows also the use of vowels , the changes in consonant letters , the prefixes and suffixes again in the new system

The next  chapter shows some grammatical information again with all pre- and suffixes  and their meaning , the numerals ( sowing : orang , ekor , buah , biji , batang, helai , keping ), the numbers (by some way i always forget the sebelas  as the 10 ), the ordinals ( 1/5th etc ) , the Arabic month s, weights, times , Malays states ,

Instead  of   describing  the dictionary entries  i will show you with pictures :

The Malays English part is shown this way: There are 288 pages

The English  Malay part is shown this way . This part is included n pages 290 -614

IN any way  this book  was very helpful  for those older times and is more than enough  for the traveler

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