Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Indonesian dishes

THE Chinese book for Indonesian dishes

Don’t freak looking this book !
This is a bilingual book written  in Chinese and English with nice and delicious dishes  from Indonesia. It is one of my oldest  indo cooking recipes, possibly more than  15 years ago !! and it is written in HK

For this  reason I m not sure when I bought it and how , though surely via letter .
As with the Murdoch books this is also a pictorial book  with ca  40 recipes , Instead of Murdoch’s  (I will call here as M ) this book  ha a big photo on the right or the left pane which the opposite page  has the  recipe in bot Chinese and English .
Instead of  describing you  the  contents I will show  you only  part of the  recipes :
Indonesian baked fish with banana leaves (similar  to M’s fish in alu foil ) , acar , satay chicken , padang beef (close to rendang beef) padang chicken , pegedel  (with minced potato?), beef  soto (soup  with beef and veggies )gado gado (spicy salad with peanut sauce )sambal eggs , fried rice ,kola kola (vegetables in coconut milk ) , coconut milk doughnut and others

On the end of this book there are pictorials of the ingredients (sauces are shown inside small Chinese  plates ) plus illustration on how to make pastes , dips fry peanuts , tofu and coconut spreads

Several  of the names here are  somehow different  then in other book (as eg the  rending is shown as padang )
The most interesting  recipe  here comes  with a story of me . it is gado gado , a recipe not shown in other book so far. I still remember  when I was  in Bali , one day we were to visit the lake of Bali , we were to visit the orang asli people . ON the top of the mountain , we made a short  pause   for ca 15 minutes  for drinking a coffee
In the  meantime before  starting this tour , on the hotel  were have eaten enough  for breakfast . IN this bar waiting , looking at the hotel’s bar I have seen this gado gado and because I have eaten enough before ,  I  had the mood to taste but did not. So it was something that kept  to my mind. But 8-9 years after I tried it in Matahari , the Indonesian  restaurant  in my city!
This  gado gado is basically  a spicy salad with tofu beans eggs and other vegetables

Difficulty level of these recipes ? No so much with not so many ingredients  . I have tried several  but the only problem was the non availability of many ingredients (as eg belacan laos and gula Java )for example , unless you replace them with something  local

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