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SR 2562 MP3 player 256 MB

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Manufacturer:  OSIO
The above numeral seems not to correspond with any MP3 model found in the internet so I suppose it is named by our local importer. Two weeks ago we were the intermedaite to sugegst for a project that includes playback of speeches. I was a little disappointed that the local store did not make any deduction ever for such number… Its street price is just Eu 35

Its box uses a built in magnet for the opening-closure of the box. The player is put inside a b black plastic foil as shown in the picture .Under the plastic foil you can find two operating instructions booklets, a USB to Chinese mini-USB cable a mini CD and a battery.

As you may see the model is quite sporty in contrast to our use. The cord includes a mini compass as ‘bonus‘. The battery is drained by the time.

The model requested was 256 MB. AS it will be used speeches, it does not require standard MP3 levels.I tested today that for talks or speeches, just 16 kb on WMA (using Winamp) are enough! 22 kb WMA are sufficient for near-to-FM quality.

And here you will find a summary after using with sample files for about 2 hours

1. Greek as well Chinese letters in the mp3 name cannot be correctly shown.THis comes in contrast with its surely Chinese origin! In all these 3 cases the corresponding ASCIi roman character set waas shown.

2. Languages used are modern and traditional Chinese English German French Dutch and Korean
3. Its earphones have bad curving: middle tones are enhanced, comparing to mine Degen 929 earphones
4. Comparing to other MP3s the audio is a little bassy
5. FM radio: has better sensitivity over Sansa E130. Also it has better audio response over Sansa 130 ….seemsa as simeilar to my degen 828

Spectrum analysis of pink noise files showed the following results:
-MP3 128 is linear, till 18.1 kHz (MP3 128 bandwidth)
-WMA 48 (the highest compromise for 44 kHz) was also linear to 18.1 kHz curved then up to 20.1 kHz then dropped to zero
the resulted noise however was much distorted.
-WMA 64 was with the same curve as WMA 48 but better audio
Based on this , the player plays music exactly ‘as is’.
But mixing WMA and MP3s together can cause the player to crash and reboot…..For this reason, i converted all MP3 files into WMA.

Recording: it has 4 setting but all of them are very low quality. I could neither use it for voice recording . Winamp shown 32 kb/8 kHz for the best setting. .

Transfer speeds: about 1 MB/sec, using watch

As by result the MP3 player is quite good for radio and has better audio over my others but lacks good quality recording.

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