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and a funny radio design

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Juat look at this  gadget . Itis a  radio with a funny for me design !
As fpr its operation i codnt have any comment since this was a defunct radio, just operating to make noise !!

 The  front panel with the speaker

The top panel showing trhe knobs and remain . The On off button togeter with volume is the knob from the  left above the rtight LCD  panel ,and is onw of the  two working knobs of the radio

Also tuning knob is working , but just two carriers can be haerd

Here is a different point of view

and from here  is the headphones power supply and radio band (FM MW only )

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smile6670 wrote on Jan 16, '11
Nothing..but cute

portstevos wrote on Jan 18, '11
this must be a look but no go radio! Sure does look the part and cute but if it cannot pick up a station, maybe it is just a one off faulty radio, perhaps another will work great, where did you get it Zach?

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