Thursday, May 9, 2013

Silvercrest earphones

Silvercrest earphones

 This is my latest  catch of earphones  found  and bought from Lidl several weeks ago The cost  was relatively low at €5
For this  price you get in a  plastic package

The earphones with put in buds plus  1,2 m of cable length
Two spare plastic ear sockets , a fat set and a thin set
A nice bag  for storing  your  buds
And a product guide  of ca 50 pages in several languages including English Greek and Magyar   (quite uncommon for models  of this type !)

And 3 years of guarantee !!!

Now about their efficiency, that depends on how stiff  you put  the buds into your ears  (for less or more bass)

Checking with  Sandisk earphones , their sound is  very low , close to 4-5 db and are more trebly
Same occurs with other bud type  earphones as AKG 909 etc

But to my surprise using it with Sennheiser HD417
Their sound seems  very good very close to 417 with the same bandwidth , same bass excpt the middle tones which are  higher !!  (comparison between 417 and other buds yelds to same middle tone difference )

So verdict : 2/5 for their low audio output\
   4/5  for their fidelity