Monday, March 24, 2014

Logs Sat 22/3

9730  ??   2233   with talks in lang similar to CC but not CC  S2-3 
Recording here
9890 R Australia 22502  discussions //9855 that seems  sat relay (abt  1 sec delay ) This has QRM from 9860 S10 CRI
3995 v Andes in German //7365 both of S5 on 2304 . There is a  strong  FSK QRM on 7366
1315 Dimosia  Tileorasi again logged Tripoli (?) being in //729 on 2311 !!!
6754  Trneton aviation with weather report 2315 S1
6267 pirate S8 saying good evening abt 2316-7  but then corrected as  good morning !! mentioning freq as 6270 calling Chris and then Azim
6285  pirate  with S2 on 2319 with slow songs 2344 signal S5
6134.8  pos R santa Cruz 2322  is as just a trace hre S1-2
5955 RA in Bamar  with S8  QRM from V oT in Eng (VoT  has DX program )
5985 unIDed 2326  with gym lessons then YL with talks , Could nt  track language S3
Audio clip is here
9745  Bahrain again here 2345 mixed with Kuanghua but Bahrain is clear  in USB and the Chinese clear in LSB S4
15000 WWV? With signal up to S5 . time talks 10 sec before the exact time
7365 Life FM Cock  with English   rock songs IF in TOH and on 000040  with thank you for listening On 0001  Cuba  dominates the  freq
Audio clip is here
On 0007  greek stations are as this : 7475 9420  with S5
Malaysia 7295 9835 and 11665 are still and  clear on 0009
5110  WBC on 0010 with music S3
4840 WWCR 3 mixed with Delhi S9

Logs Fri 21-3 big list !!

7490 Tom? 0737 OM with relig talks S2 //9840 S1
9475  RA 0738   S2
21670  SABC 0957 nasyid  songs  S8
15430 AWR in Mon 1228  with song S3
14980 AOH?   Heard talks in CC and marginal signal Seems CNR jammer.  Tested with 2 receivers
15400  HCJB 1244  Malay or Indo program before the scheduled  of HCJB After 1245  thre is a strong QRM from  R Farda on 15410  Herd only in USB due to  strong QRM from  possible BPL  in LSB
15430  AWR 1249 in Hindi or Hindi lang S5
15240 TWR 1304 YL with talks I listed Santali 1309+ with song S5 max
15310 BBC 1312  via Thailand Signal S5  Chinese  authority  phone in abt talking to Malay airplane  
9685  CRI talks in viet then Chinese music 1323
11665  Wai FM 1340 YL with talks and phone ins S3 max . OM 1522 swith pop songs and signal S6 max  5965  with S7 32x22 with QRN from DRM
9715 IRIB 1343  in Hindi Urdu with talks S1 @ 2x16 , S3 @  H antenna
7285 CRI 1353 lessons of CH in Mongolian  listed  S7 !!
7390 VoA 1356  with talk sin English  and Cantonese
7455  Deewa 1402 adverts on 1400 mentioning  also Pakistan  Baluchis news in Dari S5 //7495
7465 BBC 1405 Abt Kylie Minogue  ID 1425
7600  BBC 1728  in Hindi S7  S off 1428  On 1520 in Urdu S10
7590 R ref N Korea  1431 discussions btw OM and YL in Korean S7
7295 Traxxxxxxx FM 1434  rock song S5 Back on 1514 with S7
17630   Xoriyo is heard under strong QRM from  DRM like noise S7
4810 Yerevan  1615  once again with Greek program  S10
5015  Bata 2205 with talks in Spanish  S7 undermod
6210  pirate 22065  German songs S3  adverts
6295 pirate started at 2207  with German songs S2
6800 operator 2212 LSB with music Sudden s off S8
9664.5 Marumby 2226 man in PP then a song then possible ID  S3
5940 Dardarsha 2005 with tlks 2010 mentioning Bible then ID Dardarsha , Yaakob S30
9770 AWR 2004 ID in sched  Dinka with addresses in Ivory Coast  in French S10
7275 //15650//1260//1404//9420 ERA on 2020 . 1512 was blank
9818.9!!! R 9 /7 with sermons 2035  S3
4760 supp ELWA 2039  with S4  cant hear anything due to S2 local QRN
4976 Uganda 2044 with hilife song OM with funny talks S9 undermod
15140  Oman 2056  with Arabic talks ID  then with  international news
7530  ?? 2107  heard Ch like prg  which is not Mandarin . But after 2114  the lang is clear as Mandarin . Mentions on the second half abt LI She Guan , Russian  Still no ID . Open carrier after 2130  for 6 mins then sign off
11665   Japan  2112  with talks S2
4900 Italian  operator on 2138 in a QSO S9
6284.89 pirate 2140  song wings of hope S2
6267.02  pirate 2142  Fan radio , IDed as R F Europe Intl with then hit songs 
6245  possibly HORIZON FM" Tenerife pirate 2152 with nice pop songs
6972  possibly greek military 2155  with  talks with encoded targets
15260 AWR in Sunda starting with Sunda music , short talks  and again sunda music Tested with both receivers   S4
There ia a recording here on 02210

9265  WINB 2246   there is a recording here

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

movies watched this yer so far (only very few )

Movies watched:
This is my hilight:
Super Demetrios : first notice that Saint Demetrios is the protector and the saint of Thesaloniki (this is a fact coming from religious traditions)
This movie comes from a independent company from Thessaloniki These guys had the courage and really with  very little money (just 2000 as they declared ) they  produced a very funny surrealistic parody of Superman with lots of CGI only one  photo camera and computer collage As for example the Polytechnic University’s building is shown as Daily Planet’s own building! Avoiding at first lots of nonsense (hence the parody ) the movie has an interesting plot 4/5
If you are interested you can watch the movie now for free in the movies’ own site

And this is also my others two highlights:
Fenomena: Malay movie ,one of the best I have seen this year . A girl having epilepsy returns after 21 years from UK  in Terengganu looking her savior and saving another girl having the same problem. A very affecting and moving movie especially if you have two real examples of epilepsy 5/5

From Prada to Nada : I was expecting to watch a follow up of the movie ‘the devil wears Prada’ I was more than satisfied looking at a very romantic story produced by the Mexican company Televisa in the USA ! The story is more romantic and drama than described as comedy 4/5

Schnee konigin (the queen of snow) . having not read the classical story of HK Andersen I cannot know if this movie for children depends or not on the original story is the trailer of this movie 3.5/5
The Odyssey : someone told me that this story is really very close to the original story of Homer . any way the movie is great with very impressing say CGI 4/5

Hoore hoore malay movie a story of a ugly girl who won the …beauty contest ! A nice story with many songs from Sudirman with a simple plot 4/5

Cbhinese zodiac : a funny movie as always from Jackie Chan with lots of action . most of the movie was entertaining except of the point they are int he island . and also the flight  over the mountain ..... 3.5/5
Hot Tub Time Machine - Nice humorous movie with lots of gags esp if you want to laugh with the idiotic side of the movie 3/5
and the dont's
counter hilight:
Machete kills: One of the worst movies i have seen with lots of bad wording , lethal beauties, unreasonable overkill all over the movie ie much more than the first  Machete that get s after a while boring 1 with lots of broken hands etc . This man (the maker of this movie )is very terrible  and surely paranoid 0/5

Man of steel : I was rather disappointed in the first part of this movie. Second part is better with lot of action typical to Superman movies 3/5

1984 : A classical story but I don’t like it either 2/5

Monument men : Clooney this time made a very flat movie that really made me and my wife sleep in the theater 2/5