Friday, July 5, 2013

two oly movies watched this week

two only movies watched this week . 

Assasins : interesting story   with Stalone and Banderas as the bad guy .

Long kiss  goodnight : my best action movie since 1996  . Very lots action  that  reminds die hard .  Geena is excellent  in her role .And nice  that  she joined her two lifes together sweet and hard   I liked the movie from the start !

Monday, July 1, 2013

New movies watched and posted in flixster

New movies  watched and posted in flixster . period of 3 weeks . now  the movies in star tv   are mostly repeats of previously aired  with less and less  unknown  in the listing Here are two movies (nice guy and atila already posted  older times )

The bachelor : 3/5  a very fun movie showing a buy who has to marry  in just 2 days for saving his treasure . 

Most of the funny scenes are the  classified which was a  headline in a newspaper !!! and  about 1000 brides  expecting in the church … For whole family …

The losers !!! 3/5  same layout with ocean’s  11 or 12  with lots of humor without being a comedy

The last boy scout : 3/5

Unknown : 4/5 a story  that  turns different at the end. Nothing is as is shown

The town : 4/5 by Ben afflek

Mr Nice guy : 3/5 a full action movie with lots of humor  thanks to Jackie Chan

Never back  down : 4/5 the  loser  at the start  becomes  as you might expect a  winner . heTheme about boxing

Driven 3/5

Attila  the Hun : 4/5  the  famous  life of Atila and Aetius and their fameless  end .  older rating and comment on flixter exists