Sunday, September 16, 2012

mini coment for Max adventures and Barbie

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Genre: Animation
A mini comment for Max adventures and Barbie

Max adventures : I have seen several episodes of this series together with my daughter . I found it with quite nice graphics (possibly the top for its graphics ) . I do not know if this series comes from a big company or not but has excellent graphics and quite human wise lion


Barbie : surely comes from a multinational company, Mattel , the reason I underestimate my results . As far as we seen 4 of her DVDs I find that there sis some msgic , one of them reminds me Winx (the story with the fairy's secret showing magic gates etc )Another example is the 'fashion' story with the little fairies (reminds me the pixies from winx )

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

a review for DXLD

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I duno if i posted this so far , but in order  to finalize the uposted matierial , i re-post it here  


DX LD is one of the most complete DX newsletters on the internet   . Edited nearly once per week it offers a material of between  200-450 kb with lots of info including and received via email (via  yahoo groups )

Each issue has the following structure :
-Main material that includes the following :
Logs ,Media News, World of Media newsletter and new freq listings from R Bulgaria's Dxmix and  target stations (such as clandestine stations) which are included per the target country name followed by a [non] ie BELGIUM [non]Also material from  several valuable sources such as Media Network (from RNW ) , Kim Andrew  Elliott's reporting on International broadcasting . and much  USA  material And as funny it might sound ,Oklahoma , his state , is mentioned as  separate 'country'
-Chapters for DRM /digital modes /BPL power line communications
-Publications, related to radio and DX
-'language' lessons
- Propagation including prop charts from SEC /NOAA
all in separate  chapters

Because of the big size , and my personal preference , the older times  I just read the newsletter quite fast from the monitor , or in some cases , such as vacations , printed it in all with quite  compressed formatting  using Word macros . Now  I print it  without formatting in e-form  and then copy the file into my e-book /e-reader for further reading and frequency pickings

Very worth of reading  5/5

If someone is interested  in reading he can find it:  or  with the  latest newsletter
searchable listing of all previous issues 

a review for DX window

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Another  material  that surely has not been poste dddhere I post it here in rod erto finzlize my  job in this site 

DX Window

DX W is one relatively news biweekly newsletter . AS of today  the 462th issue has been posted .

This  is a  dedicated newsletter  to the hard core Dx enthusiast and is edited  by the Danish Club  and sent only via  email to selected  club's members in 3  forms one including graphics , oter with just simple text format  etc

Anker Peterson the chairman  of the Danish Shortwave club, one of the oldest  clubs in the world , now in its 50th year  anniversary , is the responsible  for the editing of this newsletter . This is  the free companion to  the Shortwave News , the main bulletin of  the Danish Shortwave club and also to selected  contributors of special radio  tips  /logs. I am also one of his regular contributors .

Now  a short  description of the newsletter :
  • Short news from issue's contributors together with a public message  from Anker
  • Headlines of the main points
  • Logs per country. Clandestine stations are  shown as a separate 'country' .Most logs however shown from LA countries and rarely from clandestines
  • Unidentified stations in separate section
  • Miscellaneous news together with info from other  'products' of the club (Shortwave news , tropical band listing etc  )

All contributors of the edition  members and nonmembers separately

As I noticed above, I am on of the  regular non member contributors in this newsletter . The newsletter  is sent  in .doc  93 format . Anker once has  upgraded his word processing program  to a more recent  version  but due to compatibility complaints from several recipients  including me, he  reverted saving to the older format

Also a very good source  for hard to find radio stations … …. (For Europe )

a reivew for BCDX


BCDX  is the German Dx newsletter  edited by Wolfgang Bushel  the chairman of the WWCXC club and is one of the oldest  radio newsletters that started at least via the web on the  and  was  in  its 1000th issue in mid January !(now 1080th)
It was  my oldest radio newsletters  in the web that later  has been  turned via newsletter in the DX groups and  I was one of the start members of  the group

Now about the newsletter  alone . Its format is a pure ASCII format ,same as also in the web page, since it includes space tabbed columns for the  frequency listings

  • In what it separates from the  other two  news letters :
  • Standard timing for newsletters . It is send every Saturday except  in very rare cases
  • Wolfgang is the first ,as far as I know , forwarder  of the famous  DXMIX  newsletter , the edition of radio Bulgaria  with  new frequency listings . This  listing is included in each issue
  • In many cases  the very big freq listings from BBC , DW and  their carriers  are shown in full in each issue . I don't remember  if DXLD does it .
  • In nearly each issue  there are listings  of photos  (in Google maps ) of the transmission facilities for nearly all countries. You have to follow each issue to look for the newer listings
  • Also  Analysis of spurs harmonics and inter-modulation  products. WB is very keen of this 

As a matter of fact , I  prefer to print  each issue . Its size is quite highly variable  from at last 50 kb to 90 kb in cases of big listings . The older times , when I had  plenty of free time , I did a   formatting via Word  with some basic marcos and defined styling ,but since last year I turned into just  simple printing , two pages per side

Highly recommended .