Saturday, September 8, 2012

a reivew for BCDX


BCDX  is the German Dx newsletter  edited by Wolfgang Bushel  the chairman of the WWCXC club and is one of the oldest  radio newsletters that started at least via the web on the  and  was  in  its 1000th issue in mid January !(now 1080th)
It was  my oldest radio newsletters  in the web that later  has been  turned via newsletter in the DX groups and  I was one of the start members of  the group

Now about the newsletter  alone . Its format is a pure ASCII format ,same as also in the web page, since it includes space tabbed columns for the  frequency listings

  • In what it separates from the  other two  news letters :
  • Standard timing for newsletters . It is send every Saturday except  in very rare cases
  • Wolfgang is the first ,as far as I know , forwarder  of the famous  DXMIX  newsletter , the edition of radio Bulgaria  with  new frequency listings . This  listing is included in each issue
  • In many cases  the very big freq listings from BBC , DW and  their carriers  are shown in full in each issue . I don't remember  if DXLD does it .
  • In nearly each issue  there are listings  of photos  (in Google maps ) of the transmission facilities for nearly all countries. You have to follow each issue to look for the newer listings
  • Also  Analysis of spurs harmonics and inter-modulation  products. WB is very keen of this 

As a matter of fact , I  prefer to print  each issue . Its size is quite highly variable  from at last 50 kb to 90 kb in cases of big listings . The older times , when I had  plenty of free time , I did a   formatting via Word  with some basic marcos and defined styling ,but since last year I turned into just  simple printing , two pages per side

Highly recommended .

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