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a review for DXLD

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for everyone
I duno if i posted this so far , but in order  to finalize the uposted matierial , i re-post it here  


DX LD is one of the most complete DX newsletters on the internet   . Edited nearly once per week it offers a material of between  200-450 kb with lots of info including and received via email (via  yahoo groups )

Each issue has the following structure :
-Main material that includes the following :
Logs ,Media News, World of Media newsletter and new freq listings from R Bulgaria's Dxmix and  target stations (such as clandestine stations) which are included per the target country name followed by a [non] ie BELGIUM [non]Also material from  several valuable sources such as Media Network (from RNW ) , Kim Andrew  Elliott's reporting on International broadcasting . and much  USA  material And as funny it might sound ,Oklahoma , his state , is mentioned as  separate 'country'
-Chapters for DRM /digital modes /BPL power line communications
-Publications, related to radio and DX
-'language' lessons
- Propagation including prop charts from SEC /NOAA
all in separate  chapters

Because of the big size , and my personal preference , the older times  I just read the newsletter quite fast from the monitor , or in some cases , such as vacations , printed it in all with quite  compressed formatting  using Word macros . Now  I print it  without formatting in e-form  and then copy the file into my e-book /e-reader for further reading and frequency pickings

Very worth of reading  5/5

If someone is interested  in reading he can find it:  or  with the  latest newsletter
searchable listing of all previous issues 

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