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Gumus a tv series with side effects !

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Genre: Drama
Gumus (Nur) a series with strong side effects !!

Gumus stands for silver in Turkish , but more accurate as the “silver rays of the moon” as someone told me . As yuo may understand I mean for a Turkish TV series which has been aired in the greek TV which I can describe best as a telenovela due to similarity with the maxican TV soap operas Also someone describes with the same name :


Before I enter into the subject let me first tell you about the facts coming from the greek TVs:

At first this series is 100 episodes of 1,5 hrs each . And played in the Tuekry for 3 seasons 2005- 2007 but I have no data onhow much it gained audience .
This series has been aired first on prime time (2100LT )in the Macedonia TV a nationwide TV channel based in Thessalonica and for unknown reasons they suspended it and played in the sister channel Ant1 in afternoons (1700-1900 LT ) (nationwide TV channel based in Athens ) which then gained much success up to16% of audience for most episodes except for the end which lowered to 8% . The series then commenced again in the Mac TV on prime time , until it ended .

More info can be found in the wiki page : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%BCm%C3%BC%C5%9F
Which shown that this series has a good aceptance in most Balkan countries too
Now why I label the sries as telenovela ? because as with most telenovelas this series is mostly romantic, sometimes shows many minor stories inside witout sticking into the main characters , and has nearly the same cliché of them except only one point: the bad persons : IN most telenovelas there is only one bad person but here the condition is black and white. Someone can be good this time but later become bad

Vwill be very short for the story : Mehmet Sandoglu the guy of reference after a strong shock of his best girl who ‘died’ from accident has lost his life in drinking together with his closest friend Onur . His family after one year pressed him to marry Gumus who in the start did care much about her but later felt in love with her . Suddenly the supposedly died Nihan appeared in his life with his son , and though she tried to be as transparent as possible he hindered her to leave him This made a new turbulence to his relation with Gumus (after with much difficulty made a child girl ) and were many times that she was to divorce with him also because their love was very strong to be kept… But as always they are keeping back !

Adin to it , also gumus has problems . She works in the fashion and by trying to establish herself in the fashion area , a VC called Engin helped her to maintain a mini factory for knitting then partnered with her for the store and were also close friends . But gradually he found some ‘open area’ to fall in love with her and after a defile in a remote area of Turkey to isolate her and take her abroad. Memet found him and indirectly killed him (he died from his injuries ) A story of ca 40 episodes And finally she continued to do her business in the Sandglu (family)group of companies

As with other telenovelas this story also shows many other stories together shown of them can be just 3-5 episodes but some cover nearly the while story
- Rukiye’s story for example is the biggest of all (70 episodes? ), as she is closest friend of Gumus and worked in the house of Sandoglu . Relatively crazy and married to a very good man , born a child with body problems and took deliberate opinions for significant cases without asking her spouse , or even any of the family . Due to economical reasons she did abortion without telling it to her spouse and then she put in the mental hospital
- Dilruba was married to the grand father of Memet who also called Memet (after the 50th episode?) and later we discover that her main point was to grab his money and took her daughter in the family’s house Sudenly her son of law has come there to live together messing up . As in common on the end she loved him but her older story has been revealed by another spouse of her and finally on the end episode they left the house
-Ahmad Memet’s father was under string oppression from Seref (his wife ) who finally left her (20 episodes)
-Pinar (Memet’s sister ) who lived n USA returned in Turkey for the wedding of her bro with Gumus and Onur (Memet’s close friend ) with whom she had a girl but told him 5 yeasr after ,and shown their relatively turbulent family relation

This shows a bit the story in headlines

And here are the side effects

My wife after the 15th episode as aired in ANT1 TV was very keen on the series so that , when a magazine started offering the series in DVDs she asked me to buy them via the local newsstands. The magazine offered 3 discs with 2 episodes each or a total of ca 2.5 -3 hours . Given that each weekly issue costs Eu 11 , it means that each episode costs us Eu1.5 . The funniest of all? She not only watched the forthcoming episodes from the DVDS but also the current on Ant 1 .After the series ended , and commenced again in Mac TV she saw them again until they end . Meanwhile we ordered from the magazine all remain start episodes , 1-27 (13 disks for Eu51 !! ) which we received them 2 MONTHS AFTER ! and she watched the whole story again ….

As for me? As I have watched several telenovelas 10 or more years ago with some interest , I cant say I did n’t watched them , but only partially !! This is the reason that there are many vacant points n the above story

This is the second case that my wife was so keen for a telenovela …. Ughh

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portstevos wrote on Aug 25, '11
LOL, Zach, it all sounds too much for me, my wife would probably like watching it especially if they made an English version or put it on our SBS TV network which airs these type of programmes with sub-titles!
It reminds me of the American television series "The Days of Our Lives" which began in the late 1960's and still runs to this day. I remember hearing the music every time it came on our black and white television screens then in colour when Australia changed to colour television in 1975. Even I used to watch a little of The Days of Our lives but I have no time for such programmes these days! I guess every country has it's own "Days of Our Lives" in some form or other, here in Australia it is called "Neighbors" which used to star Kylie Minogue in the early days when she was young!!! Thanks for the interesting story Zach!
portstevos wrote on Aug 25, '11
No Zach, I don't think your article is humiliating the series, quite the contrary!
zlgr wrote on Aug 26, '11, edited on Aug 26, '11
Humm.... My wife now watches it for 6th time !!!
zlgr wrote on Mar 6, edited on Mar 6
And now for the 9th time !!!
portstevos wrote on Mar 7
LOL, I feel sorry for you Zach and you have my condolences!!
zlgr wrote today at 2:28 PM
ands recently 11th time !!

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