Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greek online stations

for anyonw interestedn in listening here is a listing (old)of  streaming  radio stations Greek Streaming radio stations 

Greek radio stations  can be found and heard through these portals :
http://www.e-radio.gr/    (it s in English language with thematic music in the main page )

http://www.onradio.gr/ (greek only language )
http://www.radio.gr/radio.stations.greece.php?Mid=5&sub1=1  (Greek only )
http://www.apn.gr/greek-radio-stations-listen-live/    (English in one page  )

Here is  a listing  of interesting FM radio stations to listen that  have also internet streaming (I tried to derive the stream addresses as possible , please use the middle button of your mouse to open a  new  tab or window ) :

National  radio:
http://ert.ntua.gr/live.ram ERA 1  (mostly news and information  )

http://ert.ntua.gr/live0.ram   or http://ert-8080.live24.gr:8080/deytero (wma @20)
ERA 2 (second program , art music  , talks )

or http://ert-8080.live24.gr:8080/trito (wma @20 ))ERA3 (serious programs )

Athena Lampsi http://live24.gr/radio/generic.jsp?sid=1316

Rythmos  http://www.e-radio.gr/player/asx/215.asx

John Greek http://www.e-radio.gr/player/asx/85.asx
All above are  with mainstream greek music , the first ones  are nationwide stations

Oasis 88  (32kb )
a station  with older greeks  and sometimes  laikadiko .Transmnitted in Athena and Thessaloniki . I find it quite intereting

alternative music station


S Agapo (I love you)  Greek love  songs of all times

Ola FM (all FM mixed greek and foreign,one of my top stations  )  32 kb

Studio 3
A station  with Greek folks. After 1600 UTC summrtime plays Greek traditional

Laikos  (folks or laika )

Akrites  radio (mostly pontian music see page 1   )
Mythos radio, the most interesting  (for me ) alternative radio in Thessaloniki , includes art songs , alternative rebetiko greek and foregn rock music and many times does contests , .Hope that  this link can be listened to your area!
and here another station with Greek traditional program only (Radio Faros  @64kb WMA)
The most interesting station is not iced as last !! :
Radio gold (owned  by Mr Mastorakis , the person  involved  for more than 60 years in music in all aspects  including reporting , song writing (pop 60s ) ,  audio monitoring ,filmmaking and also setting up 3 nationwide  Tv stations on early 90s, plays only foreign adult hits  .

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