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Culture Smart ! Malaysia

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Genre: Travel
Author:Victor King
Book 2 : 'culture smart ! ' (over- titled as the essential guide to customs and culture ) by Victor King

This is a similar to the previous book though smaller (near to A6 ) and with fewer pages, but traveler oriented . It is a manuscript with bad text alignment (just flushing left) , very few single colored pictures and the quite thicker paper than culture smart, but good for your pocket.

Some interesting inclusions :

First with the funny: The Malaysian history is covered in abt 20 pages . IN contrast CShock only deserves 7 pages with text , 2 of them are with pictures ! Therefore Csmart covers nearly the triple wording comparing to CShock !!I wonder if the traveler could be so much interested in so much extension , unless he will search through the references to find the necessary books for further reference ….

The text devotes also some info on Dayaks , not found on CShock on both traditions and holiday parts .

An interesting chapter about communicating with Malayans (etiquette, kindness, greetings ) and how to behave in public (as for example not discussing politics , or dress provocatively – mentioning surely women) This is one of the points making the book more ‘unisex’ than Heidi’s
Several interesting notices for the business traveler including the etiquette
A chapter about the traveler about safety & health , using the mass travel means as taxis , buses airplanes etc

A communications chapter and short talks about Manglish (nearly similar to the Culture shock),very basic Malay, body talks , telephone calls, reference to mass media including radio stations.
And a book reference on the end .Half of the mentioned books are history related (some of them I already own!)

An interesting point not referred in Heidi's book was the salam or the Malaysian introduction gesture, hand touching then taking your hands towards your chest/heart. Younger people introduce first to older people. European or American way of greeting is still inappropriate. Also on same page refers to the wide grin as not appropriate and Malays are quite smiling people . IS THIS POINT TRUE ??? PLEASE LET ME NOW !

IN a short comment this book fits quite well in your pocket and contains a little more info with less than the half text of the Shock book !! 5/5

Don’t forget that I am a foreigner interested for more than 21 years in this country !

Next book review will be for the phrase book. Watch later !

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