Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great news another news reader

Great news !!

Wow  a  great  (really!)  small program  very similar to RSS owl  in operation and design  but  only the one quarter  in size with several more features  than Owl even some of Owl’s  features come into basic ….

These are the features  it adds from Owl :
-several blogs included for getting in contact with the program
        Hardware & Gadget   /  Chinese bloggers  /   blogs / living
-a search feed from 6 internet search engines as  Google news , Google blog search ,feedster , yahoo, ,man and flickr ! 
-with channel  update , cleanup , and design style for each search of the above

-ability to label , email , blog , post to delicious , furl , track comments

-a simplified cleanup  that does  no require resetting as in rss owl

-statistics  of most or least visited

-6 style views : brief , essay , sage (widget like),newspaper, readability, newspaper :

and also page preview as with owl

Main view page is adjustable  from the tools menu ,but i prefer to keep  the default welcome screen

IN contrast to Owl   the  design and  of the  result view  is separated by feed mainly in the  descending time - including web site generated a short comment to be shown  too. And posting to delicious.com
As with Owl , it uses the a built in IE  engine for  showing the pages but works better and closer to Firefox mouse tabbing and shortcuts. The only con here is that the  results can only be read by scrolling down the page with the mouse .I prefered to a shortcut than  this way ...

Pasting to Word is faster , as the  generated code is simpler. But  if the  results are quite high ( 100+ pages ) it  surely rquires som more time with Word to seem as  frozen

verdict : 4/5  Very good for its size

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