Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FLV player for flash videos

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Flash video player : FLV player

Another very interesting flash video program that canbe found in this site :

and can be doanloaded from:

This is another ‘standalone’ player that requires just a simple installation. Its installation is the fastest I ever seen making just the copy into the program files directory and associating the flv/wsf file types with it.

Its interface is very nice comparing to the very poor of Wimpy


The program seems good for dragging files into its window . However flash files with different file name , say files that downloaded incomplete from the internet via orbit or any other file manager , once dragged cannot be played
The window is dependent of the video file. Once a file is dragged FLV’s window is resized.

Looking into memory resources , I found that flv player has quite higher memory requirements than Wimpy. A closer look for a basic size goes to 20- 35 % of the CPU (depending on the screen size ) with a steady memory requirements of 16.5 with very slight changes even with window resizing. IN the same case wimpy shoes a level of 3-10 of CPU and ca 5 MB on RAM. ON same instances mplayer occupied 7-17% from CPU and 26 MB RAM

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