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MP3 Surgeon :Program to split MP3 files

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THis is my best program to split big Mp3 files into song files.

The program has been bought via their intermediate 'registernow', as just offers a test version capable up to 5MB which is OK for very low bit rates [ie up to 32kb for about 1 hour of audio ] and its last version is of 2004

Here i will describe you how i can split the file recorded from a cassette into my computer

First say that we are using the full version of this program . Once started and a tape side loaded into it, it shows this way :

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In the main screen you see as like 5 thick PIs : These are the main songs graphically as they could be shown in a ‘volume tracer’ . In between them there are some very narrow ‘notches’ that show the blank audio parts.

At the bottom of the big graph there are two markers that can be slipped. Once a marker is slipped the smaller screen at the bottom right also 'slips' it. AT the above right there are zoom levels. The highest zoom over zooms to milliseconds..
Here is how the left marker is pointed on the start of the first song of the tape.

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At the left up there is a button add , meaning 'adding a marker'. pressing on this the marker goes here

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I then slip the marker towards the end of the song and see the how accurately is on the smaller 'nudge' screen. I then test for the blank by moving the nudge and test audio from the playback

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Then I add a new maerker for determining the start of the new song checking to have very short blank audio before the song

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And continue until all songs have start and end marker

I then choose to save the spilt MP3s
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then follow the guidance of the program .

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As you see the program will precede a part ## before the name of the file for easier view

Image Hosted by
And the above picture shows if we wish to add ID 3 tags . As it was a test recording , I put test for both

Image Hosted by

And now the above picture shows if we need normalization , automatic or a fixed volume. I prefer to use them in the default normalization. Ther is also the ability to fade in [on the start of the song ]and fade out [on the end of the song ] and for how much time

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After that the process starts and for the 25 MB file it can do it in about 10 seconds

For the shake of simplicity I have saved everything on same directory . adjusting the file browser into extended listing with file sorting . as you may see all these resulted MP3 files have a prefix of part## . The odd files are small , containing only noise, while the even are relatively big from 3-5 MB and are our songs

This is all

BY this way I am very sure that nothing recorded from the cassette will be lost and the blank part will be removed correctly

Add: The program offers several other important features

- Mp3 joiner : it joins several parts into one file
- MP3 to wav converter
- batch mode : for mp3 files normalization including changing ID3 v1+2 tags and fade in /out effects
- mp3catalog : a file the lists all files on a directory, in a text , csv [comma separated excel type ]of html file , including or not the ID data

And once again I determine myself for using all these tracks in order to playlist my collection

For any more questions please write below

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dewacint4 wrote on May 19, '07
just info?
no file to download? :)
zlgr wrote on May 19, '07
Look on the site refered inthe first paragraph ;
i support the program maker
dewacint4 wrote on May 19, '07
i c

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