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Thank you for smoking !

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for everyone
Genre: Comedy
This is possibly the one of the very few movies that will be discussed here in the reviews section ,with a normal review rather than a link to the movie !

Here is a short description of the movie, before discussing my review :

NIck the main character acts as propagandist , or better todays, lobbyist for the cartel of the tobacco industries,towards the mass media as he is very good in making negotiations against 'his enemies' , the most mass media and a senator who is promoting a aggressive counter-smoking campaign
(a comment can this be true in the real world? In the movie gun cartel and alcohol cartel shown having only one person making negotiations! ).
Being a divorced person with pupil son , he meets him every weekend. His son once wanted to accompany his father in his trip to Hollywood for making a negotiation with the head for promoting smoking via the new movies , and more particularly a soon to be produced sci fi movie with Brad Pitt and Jolie or Catherine Zeta Jones i think )
returning back a very sexy news reporter used her body power to write a article for a newspaper and had sex with him
A group of terrorists , which are against smoking , 'arrest' him and cover his body with smoke sticks to the level that hew was nearly to die.Fortunately being a avid smoker saved his life from death. But he had to never smoke again!
The article on newspaper destroyed his image , as the reporter , 'slut' , used very confidential and personal material from him with all of his activities ,and the tobacco company fired him and as fired person lost his selfsteem . But his son now (???) mastered his father's 'art of negotiating' reverted his father into reality and self esteem. Nick then attained Congress for a discussion about markings into tobacco carton boxes with a death picture (scull and two stones in cross below head , the wel known pirate/death danger sign ) But speaking for his own this time, wona this fight and resigned from the tobacco lobby

This is a resume of the movie . Aaron Eckhart is the basic actor featuring Nik.
This is great movie , with very sharp and cynical dialoges, based in a book .
there are very nice reports and comments on the movie they can be found in imdb( and flixster ( but posibly none has shown any hotter interest on the technique Nick used with the art of negotiations

here are some points i was impressed: (but using re translation or back to English )

NIck was on the school of his son , I don't remember why. Once a young girl ,a mate of his son , asked if smoking is dangerous to the health , for that time he was thinking on negotiations, replied indirectly " is you mom a doctor?" . meaning doctors are the only persons we can trust But then , he reverted saying that kids have to truest their parents

Another example: Attending the Congress, was questioned by the senator , what could he do , if his son was 18 years of age about smoking. NIck replied , I cant do nothing for now as it is forbidden . But when my son reaches the age of 18 (and being a civil person ) if he really wants to start smoking i could buy him his first packet.... This was nearly the meaning of his reply (consider first that a person of 18 years of age , is responsible for his acts)

A movie for higher IQ minds . Highly suggested not only watching but also in keeping the DVD .

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