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Very uncooperative customer service dept

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Product Type: Handheld Computers/PDAs
Manufacturer:  Plasio EB-600 ereader follow up
This posting is a follow up for the reader with all problems encountered with the customer service dept from Plaisio ie the company I bought. This model Turbo-X is marketed as Plaisio’s own brand.

The e reader has been operating properly for abt 14 month s after purchase. In a sudden the e-reader froze after its start up . Making several tries to restart , by resetting it , the problem continued . I then have given to the customer serve for a replacement or just service. As the ereader has 2 years guarantee , the customer service in just 2 weeks has replaced it with a new one

Once again , the e-reader froze in just 9 months! And of course given to the service dept for check and service/replacement

Meanwhile the Greek IRS last year (internal revenue service) with its new policy requires all documents (invoices and receipts) to be disposed [in]directly to IRS for the annual taxing declaration . This made a brouhaha to almost every Greek , and also me which cost me a loss of many invoices for product purchases of 2010
Although I have kept a photocopy of this invoice , due to a mess it has been 'lost in the dust'.

The company is one of the biggest chains of computer office and gadget-ware. Two weeks after I gave to the tech dept , someone told me that one day before , they called me to ask the invoice. Really I have not received any call from them the previous day and proved it by showing them all calls of the day . Advising them that the invoice has been lost , I was expecting for their answer ASAP.

Two weeks later , passing through the store , I asked then what happened . . The headquarters insisted requiring the invoice. I asked the accountant to search in their computer records, as I had noticed the purchase in my diary together with a monitor set bought one year before (just for testing ). But the accountant was quite hesitant to print the invoice as the same day , 3 more items have been sold!

I made 5 follow up calls and 2 visits since then resulting to lack of info from the headquarters and their insistence of requiring the invoice . But finally they accepted this after the 1 and half month. And now exactly 2 months after my delivery I still expect their reply!!!

IN the meantime I everyday print the material from my news sources. Everyday more than 10 very condensed sheets of paper are printed with the method I described in the previous post, which is still the abridged form of the e-printed material. If using the e-reader I could print nearly the triple text everyday.

What do you think I have now to do? I am now seriously thinking to buy a new e-reader. Another way to go ex-legaly seems rather stupid as a lawyer told me. I found an ereader with the price of only GBP45 from Amazon just the 1/4 th of the e-reader's original price (€250)

PS Plaisio has last year suspended selling e-readers ! E-600 was their first model , with E1200 (with keyboard )followed . Public stores (an American chain as far as I know) instead of showing me e-reader proposed me a multi format model that supports e-reading


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portstevos wrote on Mar 27
Hi Zach, this just seems to be typical of modern companies attitudes these days and it also seems to be the same here in Australia in that buying products from overseas companies like Amazon is far cheaper than what you can buy the same thing or similar product for in your own country! I fear that Greece will be just as big a rip off country now as Australia is! Do you have such a thing as Fair Trading which offers advice and consumer protection on the purchase of products in Greece? Fair Trading is a Government department set up here in Australia to get help concerning faulty products and companies that do not wish to do the right thing with warranty repairs etc. Keep me informed as to how this goes!
zlgr wrote on Mar 27
Yes there is something called INKA (Consumers Institute ) a NGO for protecting consumers interests .An office mate advised me that this can be a good solution but still costs ....
portstevos wrote on Mar 28
do you mean to say that it costs you money to get involved with your consumers Institute? Our Fair trading or Consumer Affairs department does not cost anything even if it gets taken to a tribunal!
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zlgr wrote on Mar 29
Anyway i just ordered the Mebook from Amazon
together with some more books in Malaysia
with the hope that this will operate better than the turbo X

Technical Details

* Reader formats: TXT,FB2,PDF,PDB,EPUB,SKT,HTML etc. main format
* Audio formats: MP3,WMA,OGG,FLAC,WAV,AAC,APE etc.
* Video formats: MKV,AVI,RM,RMVB,VOB,DAT,MP4,FLV,3GP etc. 720P
* Image formats: JPG/BMP etc,background
* TF,Maximum 32GB supported
zlgr wrote on Apr 10
And to end this story ,i made the last call regarding the status of the reader . They informed me that the e-reader cannot be repaired , once again insisting on the non availability of the invoice , thus they have to return back to me as faulty.

Anyway today 10th i have received the new multimedia player which by first look is quit good

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