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Review SOS mi vida

ReviewAug 23, '11 6:08 PM
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SOS mi vida (my translation sose mou tin vidha or 'save my brain' real title : save my life )

This is another of the series of my wife to like to watch . It is a telenovela originated from Argentina , aired in a nationwide TV channel yeas ago. but my wife interest was to record the last 80 episodes first in videocassettes and later to re-record into DVDs

Just a very short description from what i still remember A couple (presented byNatalia Oreiro as MOnita and Facundo Arana as Juan ) were always in love though he stressed to marry another woman called Insua . This woman together with his cousin and their lawyer (the group of bad-dies ) tried always to break and threat this relationship using many dirty ways . Each dirty way was about 3 hours of the story, or abt 2 episodes. But finally the couple manages to marry and still the group continued to threaten the wedded couple . Ad finally the story goes into reverse. (she threatens the threatening woman who married Monita's frind ).

Having some experience with another telenovela from Argentina (Yo amo paquita which was the worst ever series even seen ! )i can say the series is quite funny but sometimes goes pretty ridiculous ....

So for this series , thumbs down !!!

My wife so far has watched tis series about 4 times

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