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Qauiz :Penyanyi bernama Siti !!

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Hello again

Which are the singers named Siti?
AND : Is there any difference in meaning between Siti and Seri? MY kamus shows the same meaning: Lady

BTW look at another 'Siti' on this address
terima kasih atas perhatianmu kawan2!!

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awangmamat wrote on Jul 12, '10
Siti and Seri...name for female...

Seri also mean Cahaya..
berseri-seri ...bercahaya...

zlgr wrote on Jul 14, '10, edited on Jul 14, '10
yes but which are the Siti' singers ?? (this is the main question of the post )
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zlgr wrote on Jul 21, '10
the answer to my question comes from a frind who replied by PM as follws:
-siti nurhaliza
-siti roziana zain...ziana zain
-siti sarah raisuddin...
-siti fairuz
-Siti Nordiana.

Anyway i know all of them , i did not knew that Ziana was also Siti !!

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