Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wimpy - Flash player

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Wimpy is a nice and very small program (ca 2MB )of the second ‘flash video’ generation . The program is a standalone player – ie without any installation required – and can be downloaded from this site :
and is available in both Mac and Windows versions

AS you may see from the picture the player is very tiny with nearly nothing special except its drag and drop capabilities.
However comparing to the K-lite codec and its MP classic program as well VLC as most of the flash files are of variable bitrate . the program can still seek the file without being stuck or stopping playing

Next as with all previous wimpy can have more than 2 instances so that more than 2 files can be played instantly .

See here: (at the top right picture you see the singer playing a buzuki , it is a Greek music organ )

The nicest points for this program are the 2 following

1. It is very light. Looking into the memory /CPU usage on the task manager, it uses just 3-10 % of the CPU n the standard size with about 5 MB of RAM , stream dependent. The CPU usage is highly window dependent , that can surpass 25% in cases of 3x the original size

2. its window size is independent from the video file. Someone said that he did not like it, but in contrast I prefer this.

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