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a review for DX window

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for everyone
Another  material  that surely has not been poste dddhere I post it here in rod erto finzlize my  job in this site 

DX Window

DX W is one relatively news biweekly newsletter . AS of today  the 462th issue has been posted .

This  is a  dedicated newsletter  to the hard core Dx enthusiast and is edited  by the Danish Club  and sent only via  email to selected  club's members in 3  forms one including graphics , oter with just simple text format  etc

Anker Peterson the chairman  of the Danish Shortwave club, one of the oldest  clubs in the world , now in its 50th year  anniversary , is the responsible  for the editing of this newsletter . This is  the free companion to  the Shortwave News , the main bulletin of  the Danish Shortwave club and also to selected  contributors of special radio  tips  /logs. I am also one of his regular contributors .

Now  a short  description of the newsletter :
  • Short news from issue's contributors together with a public message  from Anker
  • Headlines of the main points
  • Logs per country. Clandestine stations are  shown as a separate 'country' .Most logs however shown from LA countries and rarely from clandestines
  • Unidentified stations in separate section
  • Miscellaneous news together with info from other  'products' of the club (Shortwave news , tropical band listing etc  )

All contributors of the edition  members and nonmembers separately

As I noticed above, I am on of the  regular non member contributors in this newsletter . The newsletter  is sent  in .doc  93 format . Anker once has  upgraded his word processing program  to a more recent  version  but due to compatibility complaints from several recipients  including me, he  reverted saving to the older format

Also a very good source  for hard to find radio stations … …. (For Europe )

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