Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Complete Malaysian cookbook

Complete Malaysian cookbook

More than 240 recipes are refereed to this  18x 18  cm book of ca 270 pages and a pric of  ?9 .
This is the last book I ordered  this year on Jun 12 as part of cooking series and concludes   my line of cooking recipes
Written by a native Malaysian  chef of  possibly Chinese origin is a color edition. This book has a different  aspect of recipes divided  by region (county )

Here is a  small pickup of recipes  by the region some of them are referred by tre author (notice that I only refer to the titles of recipes without further explanation )

Johor : Laksa johor , laksa bersundas , mee rebus, sayur lodeh , teochow fish
Melaka : ikan masak kuah lada , nyonya ayam (nyonya inhabitant  Chinese )
Negeri Sembilan: rending rimbau, renadang pinang , dodol
Selagor : (my picks )fish and curry , prawn sambal , beef steak
Pahang:: rendang daging , dadar  masak acar
Kelantan: kuzi ayam  , egg curry , kerabu sotong kering
Terenganu : sambal ikan , kembong, ayam solak , nasi minyak , nasi ulam
Penang: penang laksa , penang acar , roti jala , chicken breiyani
Kedah (Kataha a region with arab also taste ) acar limau , masak Arab daging , danca  Arab Kedah
Perlis : gilai daging , kurma daging perlis
Saabh/Sarawak : sambal santan daging , dendang daging , madu kameyan

How easy are they? Well tre all kinds of easiness to very complex –either by ingredients  or by difficulty . Most of them requie at least 6 ingredients . exceot of the difficulty of finding the proper material se also describes the use of kuali (a small wok)

How many I made so far? As for the moment I have made the recipe of the cover page , the satay , together wit its accompanied peanut  sauce. Relatively  easy recipe

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