Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Yet another book of he March 12 Order for Malay language and  culture written by Hasan Muhammad Ali again from the Singaporean publisher Times Inc and shows  te idioms as a format of compound words
And another book with interesting info

Chapter 1 is just the introduction
Chapter 2 describes idioms as like a play with words sh9wing  some examples as with anak engkat (adopted child )
chapter 3 discusses the reason to use the idioms with examples from various texts
chapter 4 discusses  the meaning of symbols on how the Malaysians language  is a proverbial language
Then on part two it shows the Malaysian idioms with this format :
  • idioms - compound words sorted alphabetically
  • translation or explanation in English
  • re-translation in Malay 
  • an example 
  • its translation  in English 
These are a total of 300  expressions . Those times  i had some time to compare it with the book kamus bahasa baku , which is my largest Malay - English dictionary with use of more than 10 years . BY comparing the first  30 entries , 12 of them were not found in the dictionary

MY opinion is that this book tgouh introductory still can help quite the student of  the language

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