Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Discipline without shouting or spanking

Discipline  without shouting or spanking
Jenny Wyckoff and Barbara Unell

And something now very different now . This is a  book on how  to learn to your children discipline  the relatively easy way .

As you may see  this is a  English lang book translated into English . This publisher is specialized in piratical books for handling children but has also cultural activities!

This book is mainly a tips and hints book but has a special  structure for much easier  use (ie as reference ) written this way :
Small description
How to obstruct such situations
How to solve these  situations with do’s and don’t;s
A case study

Her is an example

How to handle a child which is  a ‘couch slave’ and  plays  either Playstation or watches TV

Obstruction : switch off the TV , do more action , let you child find new ideas to be more energetic
- solving this problem : let the child using them (as eg watching TV for less than 2 hours ), show her to be more active , praise her when the subject is carried out
- don’t’s  : don’t ler you r child watch TV the time you work on the house  ,  neither  leave the child eat while watching TV

Some other nice tips for discipline:
-charge your child a work to do in a specified time
-the grandma rule : ‘ when you work , you eat’ , ie a style of agreement “ when you carry out the work I want , you will what you wish”
-praise your child after she carries her job!

More than 30 cases are referred in this book. I sample some of them

Aggressive behavior
The child adheres to his parents
Destroys Articles
Asks for more freedom
Not obeying  what you say
Back talk
I want it now !

Our usage? : Yes  for several of these cases . Sometimes with success sometimes without …
I think that this book is a good companion  to embarrassed parents.


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