Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thai coking made easy

Thai  coking made easy

 Sukhum Kittivech

This is a 100 pg color book made Wei chuan Publishing , a subsidiary  from the well known  food manufacturer in  Taiwan . Sukum Kittivech the author is a cooker in S California , as noticed in the pages of this book. The book is written  in both Chinese and English
This is one of my oldest books  I have from Chinese cooking .

This book is structured this way :
-conversion table
-Seasoning  sauces , spices , cutting vegetables
-How to make several seasoning  sauces
-recipes a a semi random way . 2-3 recipes per page with ingredients structured in ‘modules’  and photos of required ingredients

Several of the  recipes  notice in the book : 

Chicken  salad , ground mea in lime sauce , pork salad with shrimps , tai sausage , papaya salad , tai BBQ , beef swerved BBQ (same with the Indonesian recipe) , , baked rainbow trout (same with the fish in wrapped aluminum foil ), tai toast (shrimps and minced eat deep-fried in piece of bred ), son in law eggs (traditional Chinese recipe) , fried chicken in cashew nuts , stir fried pork and curry , rock and roll clams, chicken and red curry , (soup), masaman beef, chicken soup, tai spaghetti , spicy  chicken in fried rice , fried bananas , Thai custard tai ice coffee or tea !

Among simplicity or difficulty? Most recipes ere easy to make with most ingredients art between 3and 12

Did I do anything? I already made  several recipes , the most interesting I made was  the tai toast as well a recipe with grilled prawn in lemon and fish sauce

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