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As you may know Lonely Planet is one of the most authoritative  publishers of  tourist  books in earth . This  book (in contrast  to more  than other 70 countries ) did nt exist in the bookstore (Public) so I made  an order  via them on 2011.
The  total time  was I think ca 1 week

I Previously  found from the local market the book  for Bali/Lombok  we used during our trip on 2000

Now back to the book  with just a description of the contents

This book is quite thick of ca 640 pages , with Malaysia contained in pages 89-490  for  Spore on 491-570 and for Brunei 571-594
  • First text pages refer to the latest political situation in Malaysia  till 2008-9
  • Then pages for itineraries
  • 15 pages with history of Malaysia . But most of it (2/3)contains the more recent history  from Mahathir till today . IN these pages are  several short stories of as eg  of the founder of Malaysia Kini , the Malaysian annals m, the site  of Sabri Zain’s Sejarah Malaysia  and the Peranakans
  •  Pages  about Malaysian culture : lifestyle , economy , media , religion , architecture , music , crafts . as for Music  these singers are  shown: Zainal , Nurhaliza, Adibah , Sh Majid , Kugiran Faizal  Atilia Fran (I know all except Atilia ). From Singapore they refer Electrico Corine May .    KH Chan , Stef Sun , Tanya Chua and Ah Du
  • Food and drinks including regional species and related vocabulary
  • Environment :about the nature  . Special reference to green turtles (in Rantau Abang??)
  • Outdoor activities

Then  each chapter shows a short history  of the area in mind (say eg Kuala Lumpur ), highlights , climate , orientation , info maps m sights activities , tours events , sleeping , eating , drinking, entertainment , shipping , getting there away . Everything  with addresses , phones web pages and how to get there

Special health chapter (with recommended vaccinations such as  tetanus hepatitis measles polio typhoid vancella ) as recommended  by WHO

Special language  chapter with th  most  necessary vocabulary . Also special chapter for Singlish.

A typical  Lonely Planet  design (pictorial with tabloid design ) with several extras . Notice  that included wee some updates on 3/12/10 though listed as unverified with corrections /changes to the text

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