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Thai cookery secrets

Thai  cookery secrets

 by Chris Dhillon

Something  tht you possibly not know  is that I also  cook sometimes . But please  bear in minf that  I prefer to  cook rather  Asian  cuisine  than local . I do it more than 15 years ago  and I also have a wok  but for electricity  rather for gas (which I do nt have )

This  book is one of the ca 100 books  of Asian cooking and one of my most recent purchases  via Amazon   this June . Tough  bought that time this is the first  time I made a recipe from this book

Now I ma returning back to this book  and the recipe I made , which  consisted  from prawns (though fresh  was required by the recipe  I used  frozen! ), garlic , grated lime  zest (??? I used lemon rind instead ) red chili (I used sambal olek instead ) ginger cumin oil and lime juice , and still the recipe was delicious

I am now  to describe  the book  with its structure  with first some intro :
 Chris(ine ) Dhillon  promises with this book to cook delicious curries and pad thai (the street  style of Thai cooking  with noodles  mixed with eggs peanuts shallots etc )

In this book  at first  the ingredients are described together  with their substitutes for example you can use ginger instead of galangal! This is  on chapter 2

Ch 3 : herbs used in Thai cuisine and how to grow them  in house : coriander , basil, garlic , lemongrass  etc

Ch 4: Thai ingredients by nutrition and health

Ch 5 : equipment . eg coffee grinder suitable to grind ingredients , a blender a wok . How to season the wok . (only  for  gas , as for my electric oven it is not  required )

Ch 6 : tips for cooking , preparation , finding the tasty balance and tis for stir frying . I use  wooden spatula to stir the ingredients

Ch 7 curry pastes with minimal description

Part 2 : step by step recipes  with some examples 

-Curry pastes  and sauces :  recipes on how to make them
-Appetizers : examples: fish cakes , chicken satay, tempura veggie
-Coconut milk curies : masaman curry , aubergine curry
-Water curries ; traditional pork curry
-Stir fried : basil chicken , cashe chicken 
-Pad thai :  prawn pad thai , chicken pad thai
-Soups : chicken in coconut milk , chicken noodle
-Veggie dishes : pak choi,
-Rice  dishes : steamed jasmine rice , stir fried  rice 
-Noodles : Bangkok stret style  dishes
-Salads : Pork with lemongrass chicken salad 
-Desserts : exotic fruit salad

MY notices :

1) Most of the mentioned ingredients  are – or possibly were – available in specialty  grocery store , as well as Lidl (the German hypermarkets under the name Vitasia )

2) Most of these recipes  are generally  very easy to implement . and require  not so much time to be cooked (tough preparation can be  of 15 minutes ! )

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