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Malaysian fables folk tales and legends

and this  is the last and oldest  book with trales and stories from malaysia . It is a reprint by silverfish books , n their serie of Malaysian classics (i think a  total of 4 books ), from these books:0
-Fables and tales from the easter forest  1901  Walter Skeat

-17 yeard among the Sea Dayaks in borneo  Ed Gomez  for both,  second published in JSBRAS
-2 Sea dayak  legends

Its zize is identcal to A5  size with 207  pages and consted me  ca 8 Euros (30 + 10 ship)

IN contrast to the oter books  this book  as a nearly outdated language due to its older used english , iein the early 20th century . this is the reason i found too many  rather unknown worlds as also some archaisms  and  is the fisrt i used my tablet as translator for faster usage!
Look into the picture on how many  unknown wirds to me existed !

Part 1

The first part  has  26 tales ony one of  them seems to appear in other books (the big hole that the deer and other animals fallen ) with most of them being  with animals

Here are the story  names without  any comments :
- Father Limestick (Tok sa Getah )  & flower pecker(sepah putri )
- Thw king of tigers is sick 
- The mouse deer shipwreck 
- Who killed the otters babies  (also found in another site also called a clock of guilt story ) This is also my most favorite  story of this part . As a 'clock of guilt'  shows in between  5 animals  the the guilt returns back to the oroiginal animal 

- A vegetarian dispute 
- The friendship odf the squirrel and the creeping  fish (also found in another site )
- The pelican;s punishment
 - The tiger gets his desserts 
- The tiger's mistake 
- The tune that makes the tiger drowsy 
- The tiger's fold 
- The tiger and the shadow 
- Wit wins the day 
- King crow and the water snail 
- Father 'follow my ope' and 4 priests 
- Elephant princess and prince
- The elephant has a be with tiger 
- Princess Saadong of the cages 
- The priest who was shot from  his own canon 
- The saints whose gravestones moved 
- Nakhoda  Ragan who was pricked by his wife's needle (just the title  reminds me the story of Saadong )
- Legend of Pattani
- Malayan deluge
- King Solomon and birds 
- Outwitting the kelempai 
- Fate of Silver Prince and princess 'Lemon grass'   (serai )

There is a very interesting appendix with descriptions or analysis of soem of the terms analyzed in each  story and in soem cases the  person narrating the story . I don't know which of the above are more  wide known but at least two seem  more known ...
As is shown more than the half of the storie are  animal based therefore are suitable  for children (possibly with some  minimal intervention of changing words as eat instead of devour )

I fond this part to be also  online in this page :
which is a  directory

Previous  time i tried to  copy paste  the pages fromthis site   but for unknon reasons pasting did not  woirk properly , causing a tablet format with only one letter and laterally

Part   2 Iban folks and legends

 AS already noticed , this part is  a  mix of onw book and  a reprint  of older times written by Ed Gomez
 - Animals gone fishing - and eaten by  the giant  / tales  (this is my favourite story from  this part )

- Story of cancil deer and pig

- Dinjai  and were tigers  sister      /legends 
- The story of Siu (the person who taught to plant paddy )

These two legends are very lengthy  covering about 65 pages of the book . The story of Siu is abt 35 pages
This were tiger is the parallel of the hu-manwolf of the American horror movies  
Nothing  of these two books  have been found online 

Verdict : This book has many stories , nearly half of them suitable for children and pesonally slightly difficult language  3.5 /5

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