Friday, June 27, 2014

An absurd story....

 A close cousin of me the previous days told a  a rather  absurd story which I now remake into text and offer to you . Could this be a nightmare?


While being in my house , on the top of a building I seen  my beloved friend in the apartment ‘s verandah. I opened the  glass-door and welcome him wondering on how he came there.

Discussing with him , I suddenly saw  faint  images as like ghosts  of poultries on the other side of the road flying over  the  opposite building and was shocked

As the verandah of my apartment is  quite wide, I suddenly  seen a Greek newsstand to appear and  some people to expect to buy things from  it. Getting closer half of them were Greeks half of them like Asians but all of the same silhouette and face , as like coming from Matrix story and gradually increasing!

At least  none of them annoyed me

We get  then back to my room, . We discussed an bit under a nice soft music coming from a huge HIFi system  that covered nearly  the `1/4 th of the room !

He then suggested  again to go outside to take some air . The newsstand disappeared but next to the door  was a  selling machine with mostly condiments . Played a bit with it , a mini chocolate  has been dispensed on the ‘reception room’ with red fonts over black background

My friend asked me something and turned my face to him ,  staring  again into the chocolate I saw now the background color  changed into yellow and once gain into green … Uhhh
3 meters Next to the selling machine there was a big carton box  with two black wild  dogs which shocked both of us . Immediately we get into my room, closed shutters and doors (the audio system  still was there! ) and I  get into the  toilet .  

I was again shocked looking that the  toilet  was totally modified on a backwards  fashion with fingered  faucets instead of the 90s design . MY shock  was so strong that nearly did not looked at a  very nice girl  taking her bath in the  bathtub

And after this I just awoke up from the bed

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